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Whenanalyzing the relationships between variables through statisticalinferences, the quantitative design is the most preferred(Davies &amp Hughes, 2014).In quantitative studies emphasis is put on objective measurement aswell as analysis of statistical and numerical values using some ofthe tools such as surveys, questionnaires or numerical analysis(Weibel &amp Elias, 2012).On the other hand when exploring a particular phenomenon, it ispreferred to do qualitative studies. Some of the methods used inqualitative studies include the open-ended data collection methods.Given that this study uses survey as data collection method,quantitative methods is the best suited.

Forthis study, correlational design is used given that there isexamination of relationships between variables(Vogt &amp Johnson, 2011).Usually, all the correlations are either positive, zero or negativeand this is a sign of the strength of the correlation(Mackey &amp Gass, 2015).The strength of correlation is affected by the sample size and justthe statistically significant correlations end up in generalizations.When analyzing data and putting data in the statistical tool such asSPSS, there is need for a lot of accuracy to ensure that minimalerrors occur.


Whileattending the class, I learnt numerous things and acquired newinsights as far as research methodology is concerned. It came to myattention that the manner in which I approach the question has effecton the dissertation design. After knowing this then one cancomfortably discuss the type of the research to undertake. I alsolearnt that literature and case studies play a critical role inresearch as they form part of primary research(Naoum, 2012).When one does a research there is need to use existing research data.The relevance of every research method cannot be underscored whetherqualitative or quantitative(Saunders, M. N. (2011).


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