A Bad Habit

ABad Habit

ABad Habit

Overspendingis one of the habits that I developed and wish it should not havebeen part of me in whatsoever way. Development of this habit is wellexplained and supported by various psychological perspectives. Basedon a humanistic perspective, excessive spending was highly influencedby over-caring parents.

Havingspent most of my teenage life living with my parents, they havealways pampered me by providing me with everything that I everwanted. This has had an adverse effect on me now that I am notleaving with them anymore. The much income that I make from my parttime jobs has turned to be so little to meet my needs.

Everytime I go shopping, I find myself bulk-purchasing and at the sametime having to fall into debts just to get whatever I want. Thishabit makes me not to mind whether or not I am on the right pathregarding my expenditures. The feeling of treating myself in anhonorary manner regarding leading a good lifestyle as long as itimproves my wellbeing is also a contributing factor to thissentiment.

Psychodynamicapproach relates to the habit of a high level of attention seeking Ipose (Shedler&amp Westen, 2014).Theneed to be recognized by everybody around me has led me to spend waymuch beyond my paying scale. The feeling of superiority to my agemates from unsupportive and financially weak backgrounds has made meto do whatever it takes to associate with the high and mighty in myarea irrespective of my fiscal instability.

Interactionwith financially stable people has contributed to my superego naturewhen interacting with other individuals whom I feel are not of thesame social class as mine. Overspending always works as a tactic ofcamouflaging with the wealthy individuals of my age group. It makesme feel that I am equal to them and in a position of securingexcellent opportunities that are mostly available to them

Neuroscienceapproach towards my behavior gives the scientific origin of thecharacter (Solms&amp Panksepp, 2012).Havingunderstood the history of my family, especially my mother I notedthat during her teenage, she was a heavy spender. The reason for thiswas her wealthy parents who encouraged her to do so. They alwaysadvised her to buy whatever she felt like having and do whatever shebelieved made her happy and satisfied her social interests.

Moneywas never a problem, and this motivated her even more to lead alifestyle way above that of her peers back then. The parents were sosupportive of her, and all that she requested was given to herwithout questioning. Her being the only child in the family was alsoanother factor that made her to get all attention. Whenever she wasinteracting with her peers, she insisted on commanding a followingand attention because she was from a wealthy background.

Thenature of her behavior has significantly influenced me, thus makingthe behavior hereditary in my family. Although my father was from anaverage family, his parents too gave him the freedom to choose all hewanted. As much as he was being given limited access to moneyinstead, he was brought other items he wanted. Whenever he had theopportunity to handle money, he was often spending too much and attime fall in debts with a promise of paying back later. Therefore,this habit has now turned out to be more of a family behavior.

Overspendingis also supported by a cognitive psychological approach. It is mainlybased on my personal past experiences with my parents. They oftentold me that when I am past a teenager there will be so much for meto enjoy with no limits to freedom. I have always carried this advicealong with me that the moment I was past the teenage, I felt it rightto have that much freedom of choice that my parents always told me.

Ioften feel that I should not restrict myself to accessing someaspects and that with every slight opportunity presented to me, Ishould utilize it to the fullest as if there will be no other of akind. Adding to my knowledge that I have always known money is to bespent to meet one’s demands, I rarely think twice about saving butto spend to all items that give me self-comfort.

Overspendingbeing among the bad habits a person can develop there are severalmeasures that I am putting in place to help me break from thebehavior. One of the measures is by educating myself on the mostconvenient ways of managing finance and following basic personalbusiness principles. Secondly, I will use online banking services tomove some of my paychecks to a savings account.

Thirdlywill change my shopping priorities to and create room for a savingsplan that will help me make a reserve for some money to help me infuture. With these measures in place, I will be in a position tocontrol my expenditures and balance it with my savings too.


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