A Descriptive Essay

ADescriptive Essay

ADescriptive Essay

MyDream House

Iam a firm believer of the idea that “simplicity is beauty”.However, the term “simplicity” does not imply that I am ready toforego quality and go for plainness when it comes to my dream house.In my understanding, a house is a place where one shares good timeswith the family members after going through the hustles of the day orwith friends as well as other guests during the weekends andholidays. Therefore, it should be a little heaven that is full ofcomfort, pleasure, and the ability to meet the desires of all peoplewho occupy it. With all these ideas in mind, it will be a challengeto dream of a house that will be simple, but meet the desired levelsof comfort and pleasure.

Oneof the key factors that I will consider when going for my dream houseis its geographical location. I would prefer to have my house locatedon the shores of a large water body (such as a lake or a sea) and itsbalcony facing the east. These water bodies will give me a naturalenvironment and refresh me in every morning and evening. In addition,the water bodies will help me avoid the cost of building anartificial swimming pool that will never give me an equal pleasure toa sea or a lake. There will be a small picnic site and a basketballcourt in the backyard where I will be playing with my family duringthe weekends.

Thehouse will be a two-story building made of blocks, where the basementwill be used as a stock room for keeping all items with somesentimental value. The dining room, and the kitchen will be situatedon the first floor, and their walls will have appealing themes whilethe family pictures as well as the achievements will be placed alongthe hallway. The living room will be spacious and fitted with two bigsofas from where the family will be able to watch movies as well asthe television programs comfortably. The kitchen and the dining roomswill be adjacent to each other. Furniture in the dining hall will bemade of the best hardwood available in the market while utensils inthe kitchen will be of stainless steel in order to ensure the safetyand the health of the family members and guests.

Thesecond floor will have three bedrooms one for children, another onefor me, and the last one for guests. The workout room will also belocated on the second floor, and it will be situated adjacent to themaster bedroom in order to make it more convenient and easy toaccess. In addition, the master bedroom will have a small balconythat will give me an opportunity to enjoy a cold breeze everymorning. The workout room will have some dumbbells, weights ofdifferent sizes, and one treadmill that will be shared among themembers of the family. Every room on the second floor will have largewindows that will be covered with colorful curtains.

Inconclusion, my dream house will be quite simple, but with adequateinfrastructure, themes, and designs that will make my family and Icomfortable. I dream of a house that will cost me less money, butmake a great home. In addition, my desire is to have a house withthemes and surroundings that will give all residents an opportunityto be in touch with the nature. My dream is consistent with my beliefthat it does not matter how expensive a home is, but what isimportant is its ability to meet the specific interests as well asthe needs of all occupants. Consequently, my dream house will cost meless, but have simple and appealing themes as well as features thatwill make it a little heaven for my family.