A Doll`s House Act 3

ADoll`s House Act 3

ADoll`s House Act 3

Youwill write about who the primary characters are and their roles inthe plot or action of this drama.NoraHelmer

Norarepresents how people in society commonly are happy to the outsideworld but deep down they are unhappy. Nora is happy until her pastcatches up. Torvald’s reaction after learning the truth also opensher eyes to the reality of her marriage. She is the main character atthe crossroads of life decisions.


Torvaldis a man who loves his publicity more than his family. Despite hisbelieve that a man’s role is to protect his wife, he is ready todisown her after he learns the truth (Ibsen 1879). He is an actor, afraud and displays the lengths that people will go to try to savetheir public image.


Heis antagonist however not necessarily a villain in the plot. He iscold hearted and cruel However as the plot unfolds he becomes a goodperson (Ibsen 1879). Krogstad is a representation of how society canmake a man turn into a cruel person but later due to the charactersown will they resist the darkness.

Imaginewhat the set would look like and include how/why it is important tothe story of the play.&nbsp

Theset for the last act would be a dark room with one a light at oneend. This setting would represent the act of characters moving fromdarkness to light. It would also represent how someone in the darkcan now see clearly. It is important in the play to create thethemes.Youwill want to pay attention to how the title is important to thisplay.

Thetitle displays one of the themes that is common throughout the play.The “doll” represent how people in society are driven not bytheir will but by others. Nora’s treatment by her husband displaysthat she has no will of her own. “House” represent marriage andrelationships that hold the characters.Notean interesting and unusual fact about the two characters most talkedabout in this play.

Krogstad-He is displayed as evil by society, however, deep inside, light anddarkness fight. The light wins eventually.

Torvald-He is a weak man who believes that he is protecting his wife, but heis a coward.

Maintheme in Act 3

Women’ssacrificial role in society- In the play, women are seen sacrificingthemselves for the one’s they love and care about (Ibsen 1879).Nora had sacrificed everything to forge the signature that allowedher husband to be treated when he was ill. She did this out of love.However, when he finds out, he is ready to disown her. Later, helearns Krogstad is no longer after Nora, he tears the evidence andthrows it into the fire. He then tells his wife that they just goback to normal as if nothing ever happened.


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