A Letter for a Job Zhong Chen

ALetter for a Job


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Altoona,PA 16601

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Dr.Panda Company



Asa dedicated businessperson with extensive knowledge in marketing, Iwas pleased to see your advertisement on November 1, 2016, posted bySII-Sichuan Internship &amp Immersions programs for a Social MediaMarketing staff to help in making Dr. Panda the most popular onlinegame for kids worldwide. I could not take any more time to submit myresume, which I have enclosed for your review.

Iam currently working hard to ensure I become a great businesspersonin future. I am hardworking a trait I intend to utilize to ensure Ihelp the company gain widespread worldwide acclaim to ensure Dr.Panda remains on front pages of publications such as USA Today andwired.com. I have a good knowledge in marketing, which I acquiredwhen attending meetings on marketing management with my father that Ibelieve will help me popularize Dr. Panda.

Ialso have a great experience in dealing with kids, which have enabledme to understand children needs very well. The experience comes frommy volunteering to teach poor kids in Yunnan China last year inAugust. On September this year, I operated a video game bar. Thisassisted me to gain extensive skills regarding creating a goodrelationship with players, a skill I can utilize in making Dr. Pandathe most coveted online game for kids. I also understand theimportance of games to kids since I played basketball for 2 years inhigh school and snowboard for around 4 years. The understanding willhelp me in analyzing company’s marketing campaigns.

Ifyou see me fit to add my contributions and passion to your team,kindly email [email protected] to arrange a meeting. I look forward tohearing positive feedback from you. Thank you.



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