A Plan for the Organization

APlan for the Organization

APlan for the Organization

Acustomer service goal is a target that makes it possible for a firmto measure its progress towards a long-term goal of achieving thehighest level of customer satisfaction (Ukens, 2007). This paperpresents a plan outlining various customer service goals for Helen’sHope Chest, as well as their intended implantation. Helen’s HopeChest is an organization in Mesa, Arizona that is aimed at helpingthousands of foster children from the East Valley and beyond bygiving them school supplies, quality clothing, gift cards, books,games, and toys among other things for free. The organization is atribute to Helen Paula Simmons, a former foster child, who on growingup managed to raise a family of her own despite difficultcircumstances. Notably, Helen and her brother were raised as fosterchildren in the 1930s although they were never adopted. Helen passedaway in 2009 however, her family established Helen’s Hope Chest inhonor of her memory by providing a place where foster children canpick whatever they need for free.


SinceHelen’s Hope Chest deals with providing various supplies to fosterchildren, this plan entails crating a clinic within the center forassessing the health statuses of foster children. The clinic will befunded by grants, contributions from well-wishers, and partnershipwith the government and non-governmental organizations that deal withsocial welfare. Fundamentally, this is a valid customer service goalas it seeks to improve and maintain the health of the foster childrenwho visit Helen’s Hope Chest. The rationale behind the idea is thatill health would make it difficult for the children to enjoy orbenefit from the resources that Helen’s Hope Chest gives themhowever, if they are in the right state of health, they will continueto enjoy the services that Helen’s Hope Chest provides until such atime when they are old enough to take care of themselves. In such amanner, the plan of setting up a clinic within Helen’s Hope Chestis a long-term strategy.

Impactand Project Goals

Fundamentally,this project is planned to impact as many children as possible in theEast Valley and beyond. Inherently, the main aim of Helen’s HopeChest is to improve the lives of as many foster children as possiblein such a manner, the more children that the clinic assists, thebetter. In addition, this plan will be used for as many semesters aspossible once it is established. This is because it is intended toassist as many foster children as possible for as long as possible.Overall, if successful, the plan will improve Helen’s Hope Chest’sefforts of improving the health statuses of foster children, as wellas the state of Arizona’s health outcomes.


Inprinciple, the first two semesters will be used for sourcing fundsfor the clinic and establishing it. Notably, the main sources offunding selected for this project are those, which will not requirereimbursement. Inherently, various organizing committee, which willconsist of volunteers from Helen’s Hope Chest, will be divided intosmaller units dealing with raising funds, advertising, andconstruction of the clinic.


Therelevant committee will gather funds through the following ways:

  • Presenting funding proposals to governmental and non-governmental agencies with potential to be stakeholders

  • Funds will also be gathered via social media by establishing groups and pages on social media such as Facebook, which well-wishers can use to submit their contributions.

  • The third way in which funds will be raised for setting up the clinic will be through social events, such as Helen’s Hope Chest family fun days, which will be open to the entire local community and whose entrance fee and money paid for snacks and other services offered will be directed towards establishing the clinic.

  • Fundraisers will also be used to raise money for the initiative these will be aimed at mobilizing the local community to raise funds for the project.

  • Lastly, the organizing committee will look for grants from organizations and private individuals who fund initiatives that improve social welfare.

Advertisement/Recruitmentof Volunteers

Afterthe funds are acquired, an advertisement will be posted in the localnewspapers to look for clinical professionals such as nurses,doctors, and pharmacists who would be interested in volunteering towork in the new clinic.

Establishingthe Clinic

Fundamentally,the clinic will be simple it will be within one of the rooms inHelen’s Hope Center in Arizona, hence, it will not require a lot ofconstruction. In fact, the only form of renovation will entailsetting up shelves for stocking medicines, as well as furniture andstationary.


Settingup the clinic is intended to take an estimated two semesters at most.Correspondingly, the timeline for the project will be as follows:



Assembling the committee and delegating duties

1 week

Sourcing funds

One Month


Two weeks

Establishing the clinic

2 to 3 weeks

Operating and running the clinic

Week 4 onwards

Revelationsfrom Summary and Potential Pitfall

Inherently,summarizing the plan revealed an issue that was overlooked but whichis very important for the project and whose ignorance can lead to thefailure of the plan — this is how to ensure the project will besustainable for as long as possible. As hinted earlier, the funds forrunning the clinic will come from non-refundable sources such asgrants and fundraisers among others. Nevertheless, there is a need tohave an alternative source of funds for security purposes.


Insuch a manner, the contingency measure to deal with this issue isopening the clinic to other members of the public (non-fosterchildren) but for a fee. Essentially, this will allow the clinic togenerate a stable source of income that can help with the clinic’smaintenance, as well as acquiring the required medicines andproducts. Additionally, this measure will ensure that the clinic’scustomer service does not decline even if funding by external partiesreduces or stops completely. In such a manner, this countermeasureguarantees the plan’s sustainability.

Insummary, the proposed plan entails setting up a clinic within Helen’sHope Center to improve the health outcomes of foster children inaddition to providing them with clothing and toys among other things.Fundamentally, the main intention is to secure the health of fosterchildren so that they can continue benefiting from the services ofHelen’s Hope Center for as long as possible. The plan entailsgenerating funds from sources that so not require reimbursement suchas grants and contributions from well-wishers, recruiting medicalpersonnel to volunteer in running the clinic, and, finally,establishing and opening the clinic. In order to ensure the plan issustainable for a long time, the clinic will be open to other membersof the society but a fee.


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