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AReport on Kelsey’s Case

Theobjective of this report is to provide a theoretically groundedanalysis of the case presented. The case is on two friends whodiffered during a trip which was meant to be full of fun but turnedout poorly. The structural, human resource, political, and symbolicframes of analysis are applied in this report so as to analyze andinterpret the presented case in an effective manner.

Analysisof the Case

Fromto the case study, the conflict that arose was triggered by thedifferences in personalities. It is clear that Ashleigh’spersonality is different from that of the other friends and that herimpulsive and carefree behavior is the primary cause of the problemthat arose during the trip. The fact that she has fluctuatingfeelings was also a major attributing factor to her irrationalreaction.

Usingthe structural framework, it is clear that the controlling anddomineering character that you possess could not rhyme well with thecarefree nature that Ashleigh possesses. You wanted to fulfill yourneed of getting to the bathroom and Ashleigh was the greatestobstacle preventing you from achieving this. As a result, youragitation grew to a level of feeling anger, but she couldn’t careabout it. The domineering nature puts you structurally higher thanher and wouldn’t want to be belittled, and this could be the reasonwhy you yelled at her and kept answering in an aggressive manner.

Despitethe problems caused, Ashleigh fails to apologize. This, according tothe human resource approach, was one weakness that sophisticated theproblem. Her response after making the mistake of taking long in theshower was rude and unexpected of her, especially during such a time.After causing the problem, Ashley was expected to respond in a mannerthat would suggest that she was sorry for what she did, but this wasnot the case. Her response, however, indicates her lack of concernfor the disappointment caused and this is unhealthy for friendship orin any form of relationship. Illogical responses are dangerous indestroying relationships, and such should have been avoided.

Fromthe case study, it is also evident that there was a lack ofunderstanding between you and Ashleigh. Each of you wanted to presenttheir interests and want them to be considered. By looking at theexchange of words, it is clear that none of you considered theinterest of the other and that none wanted to understand the problemsof the other. In the case study, you presented that Ashleigh hadcalled before and told you that she had a problem with the boyfriend.This could have been the reason for her behavior it could have beenthe reason why she was spending more time in the shower fro whateverreason. It would have therefore been important for you to know thereason behind the extended stay before overreacting. Instead ofquestioning the level of friendship, it would have been appropriatefirst to understand the reason why she is acting in such a weirdmanner. It would be fast to state that she is selfish without firstknowing the reason for her absurd conduct during the trip.

Usingthe descriptions that you have offered concerning Ashleigh, it isevident to me that you understand her behavior. The study also showsthat Ashley is a close friend because you considered making her partof the group that was going for the trip. You would, therefore, havebeen moderate in responding to her statements and responses. Byanswering her in a harsh manner, and using a direction that wasstimulating could have been the major cause of the intensifiedmisunderstanding. It is factual that Ashleigh’s behavior wasabsurd, but you have openly shared that it is always hard for her tobe on the receiving end despite having problems saying or acting inan insensitive manner. By this understanding, and given the fact thatshe is your friend, it would have been better for you to be quiet atthat moment then speak to her in a friendly manner about hermisbehavior. It would be sad to lose a friend due to amisunderstanding such as the one portrayed in the case study.

ConsideringAshleigh’s behavior after the exchange of words that night, it isclear that there was an issue that was disturbing her and that shekept it to herself. After the disagreement, she moves and sits alonein the corner and is not moved by the chat between you and yourfriends. She also remains silent the following day while the rest ofyou talked in a usual manner. This could indicate that she feltguilty for being the cause of the disagreement but could not figureout how to express herself. It could also suggest that she had areason for acting in such a weird manner especially at this momentwhich all of you was supposed to show concern for each other andshare happiness.

Toconclude, it is clear that the four of you were happy together andthat you are good friends. It would, therefore, be sad to break thefriendship due to the misunderstanding. It would have beenappropriate to find out what she held in the inside, especially aftershe shared with you about her boyfriend, and try to know how such canbe solved.