A Tour of the Store

ATour of the Store

ATour of the Store

Socializationis an important aspect of human nature. As such, this paper will bebased on a toy store, primarily the layout, types of toys, anddescriptions. These aspects illustrate socialization in shoppingstores. Regarding the design, the shops are distinctively labeled todifferentiate between the genders. The wallpaper in the boys’ unitis blue in color. Apart from that, almost all the toys in the segmenthave portraits of boys on the boxes. The toys include Star Wars,Transformers, and Nerf guns. Similarly, the girls’ section, apartfrom the shelves, is covered in pink wallpapers. In the boxes, imagesof girls playing with their toys are many. Therefore, color is afeature used to differentiate between the genders. When blue or pinkis mentioned, it can easily be identified with a particular sex. Toyslike Megablocks and Legos might be the same but are packaged in blueor pink. The words and design of boxes utilized to label the toys candifferentiate between girls and boys.

Inthis shop, the toys that targeted boys had words like “speed,force, hydraulics, adventure, actions, racer, and power,” ascribedin large fonts. On the boxes’ cover, rough designs and dark colorsare used to identify with the boys. It represents the “manly”persona boys will attain in later stages of their lives. The wordingson girls’ toys primarily revolve around “house, fashionista, bestfriends, and smiles,” inscribed in swirly, cute pink. Puppy dog,Barbie, the Bella Sera Horse, and Polly Pocket are some the targetinggirls [ CITATION Jas14 l 1033 ].

Theadvertising approaches stereotype girls to like the houses, babies,baking, and animals. In that regard, girls are drawn to objects thatsweet and soft at least like their personality. In conclusion, is itthat girls and boys love these items as categorized, or the societyis pushing them towards this notion?


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