Admission Essay


Howmy background has affected me and helps me realize what I want tostudy

Ihave been in high school for four years, and I realized that myperfect area of interest is biology or neuroscience. I decided topursue biology or neuroscience in my studies so I can get to learnmore about how nervous system, its structure and what it does (Early,&amp DeCosta).During my years in high school, I had a bad start and managed to getthe top 15% of the graduating class. Selection of biology orneuroscience was largely affected by my background it has providedme with a greater magnitude because it often describes the loss ofgeneric diversity at a non-deleterious locus due to the negativeselection of students in colleges.

Biologyor Neuroscience has been my subject of interest because it allowshuman to better understand our bodies, resources and any potentialthreats to our environment. The significant interest in biology orneuroscience enhanced my interest because it helps individualsunderstand the interaction that exists between humanity and the worldand the characteristics of life on earth (McGinty).Apart from creating diverse solutions to the challenges thatimmigrants face, it paves the way for discoveries and intentions toimprove the quality of life. I also need an opportunity to contributemy skills, knowledge, and strengths to my future employer and theschool so as to improve its status regarding academics. I feel thatbiology or neuroscience is an important aspect because the subjectcan aid in the prevention or cure of diverse diseases and also addtools for managing the environment as it leads to knowledge thathelps prolong life and enhance its quality.

Asa child to Mexican immigrants, this background aspect facilitated meto study biology or neuroscience. As a Mexican immigrant, it is oftencomplex to seek diverse services from the state medical servicesmost of them are basically needed to follow a significant processwhich affects the society. This background aspect enhanced me inchoosing biology or neuroscience because I felt that immigrants’individuals are often oppressed in the services delivery (McGinty).Now as I pursue upper division studies in biology or neuroscience, Iwant to apply the basic principles and become a master leader whotakes a clear history, performs a thorough examination and biologicalconcepts to accurately collect, organize and develop an understandingof the physical, chemical and cellular basis of life.

Beingthe first person in my family to go to college, I was largelymotivated, and it provided me with the significant strength to studybiology or neuroscience. I wanted to ensure that the people that havesimilar background can learn from my success because once I get intothe college, I promise to work extra hard and my grade will be veryhigh as compared to my previous school because biology orneuroscience is my career choice that I like most (Early,&amp DeCosta).Being the first person in my family to go to college has assisted merealized that studying biology or neuroscience is an important aspectof my life because it involves diverse activities, I am able to studyactivities that are nor pursuable at home. It offers a chance to beadventurous and explore the unknown that I can give back to thesociety and the family.


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