Adopting Pets is the Best Choice

AdoptingPets is the Best Choice


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Adoptingpets is the best choice for the American society.

Weurgently need to start adopting!

Howmany of you have ever adopted a pet, or been raised in a home thatadopted a pet?

Manyinnocent animals are homeless, and if they are not adopted, they endup being euthanized.

Adoptionbrings inner satisfaction adult pets are easier to train and raise,and one can find a purebred pet at a cheaper cost than buying a newone.



Animalshelters are becoming overpopulated with lost pets, and many end upbeing given a mercy killing.

Thenumber of pets that end up in the pound is rising, and more peopleneed to adopt these animals to reduce the population. The sheltersare also few, and the workers that deal with these animals haveinsufficient resources (Miller &amp Zawistowski, 2015).

Mostof these animals are lost or come from abusive homes. They are keptin animal shelters for a short period, and if they are not picked up,they are euthanized to create more space for other lost pets (Vemou &ampKaryda, 2013).

Adoptionis the simplest solution for this problem.


Rescuingpets reduces population in animal shelters.

Adoptionof more pets will ensure less lose their lives. If more pets arerescued, resources will be more, and the animals stay longer periodsin shelters.

Manypeople get new pets daily. If half of these individuals could opt foradoption, an improvement will be noted. Increasing the adoption rateswill reduce the numbers of homeless pets.

Manyshelters prefer adoption to mercy killing. Animals too have rights,and these rights should be preserved by rescuing pets (Levy &ampHurley, 2014).

Thissolution creates a better world.


Therewill be less stray pets.

Lessstray animals mean fewer cases of animal attacks. The streets will becleaner. Also, fewer animals will have to be euthanized.


Eachone of you can try to adopt a pet of their choice.

Theprocess is simple. You visit the nearest shelter and select theanimal you prefer. They always have an in-house vet that can treatthem (Melcher, 2014).

Adoptionis the best alternative since it creates a cleaner and saferenvironment for the community.

Letus all decide to adopt a pet rather than buy a newer one.


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