Advantages and Disadvantages of Helping People


Advantagesand Disadvantages of Helping People

Helpingpeople is the act of giving aid or support to people who areotherwise not able to afford what is offered to them. This could bein form of food, clothing, and building houses for the poor, payingfor their schooling, offering them transport services or evenoffering them company. Helping people is normally aided by charityorganizations for the poor and the needy. Whereashelping people has advantages, it also has several disadvantages.

Advantagesof helping people

Firstof all, helping others is normally a key to happiness. Helpingothers, especially the needy makes a person feel happier and this hasa positive effect. The key to internal joy is giving out things tothose who do not have. Secondly, helping people builds trust betweenthe person being helped and the person helping them. Whena person realizes that one has a genuine intention of helping them,they tend to be grateful to this person.Ifa person helps another person, the society will see the helper as acaring person and therefore improving his/her reputation. Aperson also builds trust by helping people more so if the helper doesnot ask for any favors in return. Apartfrom building trust, helping people enables a person to build betterrelationships with other people in the community.Third, helping people improves the situation in a community. Whena person helps others, the people adopt a different attitude wherepeople now give more and are ready to give offer any necessaryassistance.

Fourth,helping others increases a person’s self-confidence andself-esteem. Ifa person helps others, they will start having a great sense ofself-worth.A person also gains a sense of purpose when faced with difficulties.This happens because a person feels social connection with otherpeople, hence a higher self-esteem. Fifth, helping people enables oneto obtain great life experiences and skills. For example, ifa person helps the people in need, he/she will interact more withthese people and acquire some skills or a language from them henceobtaining skills or experiences.Moreover,when a person spends, most of his/her time helping people he/shetends to meet interesting people.The people who a person is helping may have different ways of lookingat a particular thing hence broadening the volunteer’s way ofviewing things. The volunteers who are helping other people can alsomanage to exchange different ideas among themselves. Lastly, ifa person helps others, they will get academic credit.Some institutions award certificates to those who offer voluntaryservices.

Disadvantagesof helping people

First,when a person is fond of helping people, other people tend to takeadvantage of this.Helping a person at the first instance makes them to expect somethingdone for him/her whenever he/she wants. Secondly, being selfless andhelping people too much makes a person forget him/herself and neglecthis/her personal needs. For one to continue helping others, he/shemust first of all take care of his personal needs. Thirdly, helpingother can sometimes be considered time consuming. Ifone spends most of his time in charity work, it will be possible toforget other areas in a person’s life such as school or family.One should therefore look for volunteer opportunities that need aperson for only a few hours. Fourth, helping people isdisadvantageous because there is lack of pay. Normally, one does notreceive monetary compensation for the work done. Asmuch as one receives emotional compensation, financial needs of aperson cannot be neglected either.Lastly, helping others can easily lead to personality conflicts.Working in a charity organization means that a person is going tointeract with people of different character traits. This can bestressful enough and can deter meeting of a person’s goals as avolunteer.

Inconclusion, the advantages of helping people outweigh thedisadvantages. Becoming a volunteer and helping people makes theworld better and it is therefore something worth going for in orderto eradicate suffering in those who are poor and needy. Besides,helping people makes a person grow emotionally and socially.