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Australian markershave identified that the target audience of a particular product aredifferent. This difference comes as a result of demography, needs,social affiliations, location and attitude. Most of these marketscomprise different segments and individual customers. Insofar,targeting and segmentation allow the consumers to deliver the goodsand services within the needs of the target audience[ CITATION Mor14 l 1033 ].For that reason, it is important to allocate their needs of thetarget consumers for companies to promote their brand, product andservices effectively. In most locations, Australia in particular, hasmet a hard competition from mobile phones and landline telephonesduring the past years. These communication gadgets provided a channelof communication within the target market. Aaker &amp Biel (2013),therefore, argues that landline telephones should be marketed in avaried way than the cell phones. Nonetheless, for the marketers toidentify the appropriate marketing criteria, it is important for themarketer to poses knowledge and skills regarding the needs and wantsof the consumers.

It is worth notingthat Australian provides interesting approaches to its marketsegmentation[ CITATION Xio13 l 1033 ]. In this context, the marketsegmentation purposes to divide individual markets into groups basedon identified set of variables. Marketing practitioners as well asmarketing academics have established criteria of market segmentationenthusiastically. The benefits behind this technique include: -ability to gain entire understanding of a foreign market, improvedtechniques to foretell the consumer behavior, and improved ability toexploit new market opportunities for profit maximization. Accordingto Moriarty et al. (2014), segmentation effectiveness is based onmeasurable, substantial, differentiable, actionable and accessiblemarket. These factors must be considered during segmentation if thecompany is in need of expanding its market.

Another approach isto increase the sales and revenue of the market. In so doing, themarket segmentation appears worthwhile in all sectors regardless ofthe products and services it offers. Although competition may arise,market segmentation policies go beyond such rationale expectation. Itis because it aims to gain competitive benefit through identificationand service to the customers’ wants than competitors. Anotherapproach to segmentation includes priori and post hoc methods[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ].A priori segmentation requires the marketer to first identifyvariables of interest. The researcher then classifies buyersaccording to the description. Another approach is to divide marketson a post-hoc basis where the marketer selects various interrelatedvariables. As such, he or she groups the buyers depending on theirability to purchase and consume the products. Although this method iscommonly used in many markets, its disadvantage is that it mayresult in segments that are internally inconsistent[ CITATION Aak13 l 1033 ].Even though marketers can identify consumers within analogousattitudes and utilization habits, members often have differentdemographic features. In so doing, they make market decisions, forinstance, media buying, difficult to operate. Indeed, Parente &ampStrausbaugh-Hutchinson (2014), argues that the reason segmentationsometimes fail in the implementation stage is because marketingresearch is too preoccupied with the criteria an techniques of marketdivision. These fail to consider the competitive structure of themarket, and entire marketing environment among the consumers, who arethe targeting audience in this case.


Advertising andMedia Company is being challenged by disjointed consumer markets aswell as the need to involve in new technologies. These hazardsrequire new techniques to the operation of advertising. Shimp &ampAndrews (2012) explores the ever changing media landscape andinfluences the readers to think about the means by which mediaoperates. Nevertheless, holiday magic is a company that holidaypackages and events aimed at families. This company advertisesinnovative and unique ideas aimed at creating unforgettable familymemories. This advertising service was introduced with a hope tofunction as a total on the online digital local library that offersaccess to online packages like air fares and accommodation indifferent locations[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ].

As such, Holidaymagic has been operating for ten years and the company’s websitewas awarded as the easiest to make bookings online. However, for thelast two years, the company has been inactive considering advertisingand awareness to the public[ CITATION Par14 l 1033 ]. As the plannerof the company, I recommend that the members oblige to the rules andregulations of the company. This enhances creativity, honesty andeffective communication with the public. In addition, it promotesaccuracy based on advertisement of the company’s products andservices. The members should also provide relevant information whichis not misleading[ CITATION Aak13 l 1033 ].

Anotherrecommendation views the investors of the advertising Industry, Thatis to say, investors an investor, considering the series of a brokerdealer should b informed of all factors material to his use of suchservices[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ]. There are various variables inthe charges and services offered by broker dealers and it isunreasonable to anticipate that each variation be include in themedia advertising. In addition, relevant factors which are notincluded in advertisements should be communicated to the individualsresponsible. Certain items should also be included in advertisingespecially when the advertising will be misleading in thenonappearance of the disclosure[ CITATION Xio13 l 1033 ]. It istherefore, imperative to disclose everything while advertisingholiday packages. In so doing, the public will have additionalunderstanding of the industry services. Future disputes can alsodecrease if certain disclosure is made perfectly[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ].

It is worth notingthat adherence to principles of full disclosure to customers willlower troublesome and misunderstanding the issues of rates,accommodation and entire services. Further, it is imperative toidentify the target audience during advertisement. For our case theadvertisement should major on the families, who are the targetaudience. As a planner, I will recommend that all the media membersinvolved in Holiday Magic advertising accept any of feedback from theaudience[ CITATION DeV12 l 1033 ].

This kind ofactivity will help the stakeholders to identify the strengths andweaknesses of the Industry. Consequently, it improves the operationof the media industry as more customers will be encouraged to visitour website. The reason for selecting these principles andrecommendations is to avoid dormancy in advertisement matters. Withthe technology advancement, it is significant to make use of onlinecommunication by advertising products and services. By creatingawareness, most consumers will be attracted to the services[ CITATION Mor14 l 1033 ].

Carman’s Brand

Muesli bars are oneof the best nibble alternatives, particularly when you`re on the go.They`re minimized, super tasty and simple to eat with onehand[ CITATION Xio13 l 1033 ].However, in spite of the fact that thename `muesli bar` sounds truly solid, most of the time they arebrimming with included sugar and are too low in fiber to keep youfull to long. Picking a solid muesli bar choice can be simple – yousimply need to realize what to look for Muesli bars can be anincredible nibble alternative[ CITATION Par14 l 1033 ]. They aremoderately reasonable, advantageous and can be a decent wellspring ofvitamins, minerals and fiber .A sound muesli bar can top you off andkeep you full until your next feast. This implies that the customersare more averse to over eat and swing to the fat and sugar loaded&quottreats&quot we as a whole begin scanning for when yearningshows signs of improvement. This implies better wellbeing and morevitality. Nonetheless, they can likewise be stacked brimming withkilojoules in the event that you don`t pick painstakingly[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ].

Mountain GoatBeer

Mountain Goatdistillery has found a way to lessen – and sometimes dispose of -their effect on nature. Moving to new premises in 2004 gave theorganization the chance to set up the distillery in view of theearth, from utilizing reused materials as a part of their fit-outthrough to establishment of sun based boards and a 11,000-liter watertank[ CITATION DeV12 l 1033 ].Their seven sun oriented boards cameat cost of $15,000 and can pre-warm blending water to around 55 °C,diminishing the utilization of mains power, and it is evaluated thebottling works` utilization of gathered water spares roughly 250,000liters of water annually[ CITATION Shi12 l 1033 ]. The bottlingworks likewise pH kills squander water and have everything exceptdisposed of steam and smell outflows that are a by-result of thefermenting process. The organization works a motivating forceconspire urging their staff to cycle to fill in as a major aspect oftheir natural program. Every staff part is given a $200 endowmentevery year for bicycle upkeep and hardware and a further reward of$1.50 for every day they ride to work, paid as a component of theyearly Christmas reward[ CITATION DeV12 l 1033 ].

Vinnies Brand

Marketers love adecent deal however they can be difficult to find, particularly in acity like Melbourne where the average cost for basic items can bevery high. But for worldwide understudies who come to Melbourneinterestingly, knowing where to get modest things outside of yourhuge name retail chains is an entire distinctive fight altogether[ CITATION DeV12 l 1033 ].Many Melburnians are as of now be acquainted with the idea ofoperation shopping yet for some abroad understudies, it might appearto be odd to need to purchase pre-adored things. Second-hand storesdo exist for understudies back home yet numerous works as a businessand less as a charityIn Melbourne, operation shopping presents one oftwo open doors: understudies can purchase modest things to outfittheir home while realizing that they are adding to an altruisticcause.


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