Advisory Circular Report

AdvisoryCircular Report

AdvisoryCircular Report

Accordingto Cullingworth &amp Caves (2013), integrated airport planningsystem refers to the development for planning, information, andguidance in the airport sector. These processes determine the scope,timing, location and category of airport development required in aparticular region. Besides, they establish available, balanced andintegrated techniques for the public airport. The purpose of thisadvisory circular is to provide guidance used to accomplish effectiveairstrip system planning[ CITATION Cul13 l 1033 ].However, the intended audience for the circular advisory reportincludes metropolitan and regional planning agencies, state aviationorganizations and consultants.

In addition,the circular advisory report affects master planning by providing thenational guidance needed to improve the understanding, the efficiencyof the state and metropolitan airport planning process[ CITATION Cul13 l 1033 ].It also defines a methodological approach to planning the Statesairport system on the eligibility criteria for the airportimprovement program. Another way to which the circular affects masterplanning is by enabling aviation and regional planning agencies,airports, and consultant to flexibly define and improve productsthroughout the organization process[ CITATION Cul13 l 1033 ].

Nonetheless,the advisory circular is structured to guide the planner in theentire practice. It illustrates the philosophy behind the airportsystem planning the course and defines the methods to be used in theadvancement of an individual and a multi-state. Additionally, itexplains the elements that should be included in the report.

Furthermore, the circular advisory report provides the distinguishingcharacteristics of the airport system planning. The most outstandingdistinctive feature, in this case, is its geographic scope. Accordingto Cullingworth &amp Caves (2013), the scope of the plan can includevarious adjacent states within the region, an individual state, or aparticular metropolitan area.


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