Affordable Care Act

AffordableCare Act


AffordableCare Act

Healthcareis considered an important factor in the day to day lives ofindividuals. The also known as Obama Act involvestwo pieces of legislation. The main aim of the Act is ensuring hereis improved Medicare to low-income citizens and helps to spendprocesses through regulation and taxes. After carrying out, somestudy l managed to get different types of responses on AffordableCare Act. The responses had some positive as well as negativeopinions on the health act.

KyriePhilips from Pennsylvania argues out on the impact of Affordable careact to his hometown people. He states an improvement of one percentconcerning Medicare provision. He is meant to believe that the acthas some hidden cost and therefore keeping the expenditure on healthcare up. At a personal level, he is not directly affected by lawconsidering the section of the laws getting more attention, and thatis tax credits. Political inference is also the other factor andtherefore bring about partisanship just from comparing percentages ofrepublicans and democrats on non-group markers

RuthTurner, a farmer from North Carolina, speaks highly of affordablecare act. Considering their way of living whereby as farmers theyexperiences peaks and times where they concentrate on farming withlimited or no sales. It implies that she lacks a stable, consistentflow of income during off peaks. Through affordable care act, Ruthand a few farmers l talked to have access to high-quality andlow-cost health insurance. They can also get help from various out ofpocket costs. Through this, it is evident how the Obama care act hasproven to be beneficial to the citizens of United States.

Regardlessof how the Obama care act has unevenly helped in some differentstates in the country, it has proven metal in ensuring citizens geteasy access to basic needs. Its limitation bases of various issueshindering the provision of maximum services and therefore implyingthat through proper management that can change. There is a lot ofgood than harm that comes with the act considering all thisinformation provided.