Against Marijuana Use


AgainstMarijuana Use

AgainstMarijuana Use

Similarto alcohol and other narcotics such as heroin and opium, marijuanacontains several adverse effects on the users. Although the substancehas been found to have medical value, its legalization will onlyincrease the number of people that are abusing it. Other people arguethat marijuana needs to be legalized so that the government cancollect taxes and add to its revenues. However, adverse impacts ofmarijuana use are immense since they can cause impaired judgment,dependency, alter brain structure, and can affect an individual’shealth (Anderson, Sitney &amp White, 2015). Therefore, the use ofmarijuana should be illegalized since it contains adverse effects onthe health and wellbeing of users.

Whena person is high on marijuana, their decision making is usuallyimpaired. The intoxication effects that marijuana has on anindividual are similar to those of other substance abuse. Druginebriation causes decreased thinking and judgment. As such, manypeople that are involved in marijuana use are usually involved inaccidents, leading to tremendous losses such as injuries and deaths(Anderson, Sitney &amp White, 2015). Therefore, with thelegalization of marijuana the users of the substance will increase aswill the rate of injuries and deaths because of impaired driving whena person drives under the influence.

Moreover,the substance is dangerous to an individual’s brain, heart, andlungs. A person that smokes pot is usually at higher risks ofsuffering from mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, andschizophrenia. The drug also causes an abnormal structure of theuser’s brain as well as poor memory (Anderson, Sitney &amp White,2015).

Insummary, marijuana use should be outlawed because it is unhealthy tousers. Apart from causing compromised judgment and thinking of anindividual, the drug can have serious repercussions to the heart,lungs, and brain of a user. Hence, since the health of a person andthe whole society is significant, the drug should be forbidden toreduce road accidents, and deaths as a result of driving whileintoxicated that causes impaired judgment.


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