Alignment project and presentation

&nbspAlignmentproject and presentation

Alignmentproject and presentation

Academicreviews are important in aligning educational curriculums to suit theneeds of a dynamic world. Assessed, written and taught curriculumsusually undergo occasional changes at certain periods. This paperwill evaluate an educational curriculum through academic reviewtools.

  1. School Leadership Tool for Assessment




Functional Implementation


Our Score

Alignmentwith/ofStandards,Big Ideas,andObjectives

Aligned to objectives of educational progress in learning environment

The leadership gives the teachers guidance on the expected implementation of the written and taught curriculum.

The leadership aligns with the rubrics by monitoring the implementation of the written and taught curriculum.

Providing the teachers with a chance to self-evaluate or evaluate each other aids the assessment process

Sequence/Pacing ofStudentLearningExperience

Students’ cognitive abilities

Quality ofStudentLearningExperience


Formative assessment and learning experiences

SchoolLesson Plan Evaluation Tool

Basic Components

No. of Implementation (0 points)

Limited Implementation (1 point)

Functional implementation (2 points)

Full implementation (3 points)


Alignment with standards, big ides and objectives

Fuctional implementation present

fuctional implementation methods put in place

Student cognitive abilities

Sequence/ pacing of students learning experiences

Time is planned to pace the student content and transitions between learning experiences

Quality of Student Learning Experiences

Uses previous student learning data to differentiate instruction to meet students’ needs


Includes a short-term assessment method.

The lesson plans provide students with learning experinces that supports gaining knowledge and skills needs to be succesfull on summative assessment.

The lesson plan includes short-term assessment methods to evaluate the comprehension of the lessons taught

ss Supporting resources

Lesson plans include other learning materials that helps students comprehend the lessons better.

SchoolEvaluation Tools for Tested Curriculum (used teacher assesments)

Basic Components

No. of Implementation (0 points)

Limited Implementations (1 point)

Functional Implementation (2 points)

Full Implementation

Our Score

Aligment and content coverage


The assesments align with the required standards of learning and curriculum framework. Essential knowledge in both content and cognitive levels.

Align with objectives from lessons.

Has measures to check students attainment of cognitive and content standards

Consistency and Fairness

The assesments align with the required standards. Theyprovide clear directions for every parts of the assesment

The assesments include teacher guides and procedures for evaluation giving increase to inter-rater reliability

Extentof Alignment

Alignmentto set rubrics designed by education departments ensures that theteachers are accountable and the students receive results orientededucation. The school seems to be aligning with the set rubricdesigns. There are some elements that need improvement in the areasof lesson plans and teacher assesments.The teachersassesments alignwith the required standards. Theyprovides clear directions for allportions of the assessment. The teacherassesments align with therequired standards of learning and curriculum framework. Essentialknowledge in both content and cognitive levelsare present in theassesments. The lesson plansincludes short-term assessment toevaluate the comprehension of the lessons taught.The plans providestudents with learning experinces that supports gaining knowledge andskills needs to be succesfull on summative assessment.Lesson plansinclude other learning materials that helps students comprehend thelessons better. The leadership gives the teachers guidance on what isexpected of the regarding the written and taught curriculum. Theschool leadership aligns to objectives of educational progress inlearning environment. The leadership also aligns with the rubics bymonitoring the implementation of the written and taught curriculum.Providing the teachers with a chance to self-evaluate or evaluateeach other aids the assessment process, that is another way theschool leadership tries to align with the rubric design by theVirginia department of education.

ActionPlans for Improvement


Theteachers should use more teachingresourses such as charts withknowledge needed in topics that are known to be difficult forstudents to understand. Pre-tests in the traditionally difficulttopics enable the teachers to recognize the student mastery and planremediation for the weak points. The teachers should plan multipleexplanations for teaching content. Students needs are different,planning on different questions ensures that all students understandthe lesson. The teacher should design questions that build up on thestudents’ background knowledge on the topics. Teachers should planlessons with instructional outcomes, the lesson objectives should be manageable meaning that they should be achievable in one lesson. Theobjectives should be designed to focus on whats important on the pathto college and career readiness. The school should try to incorporateinternet resources in making lesson plans, student engagementstrategies and assessment methods. The teachers should designformative or ongoing assesments to check students’ backgroundknowledge on topics. this ensures that teachers concentrate on theareas students have less knowledge on. The summative assesmentsshould be more frequent and incorporate performance tasks to collectthe evidence of learning.

Timelinefor completion.

Someof the goals set need very minimum time to complete. The totaltimeline is therefore 6 months



1-2 months

Incorporation more learning resources in the learning process to enhance students’ understanding.

The use of charts to gauge pre-requisite knowledge on topics

3-4 months

Incorporating multiple exlpanations to questions or topics in the lesson plan to aid understanding.

The teachers include achievable lesson plan objectives. The objectives should be manageable in one lesson.

The objectives should be designed to ready the students for college and career paths

5-6 months

The school encourages teachers to use internet resources to make lesson plans and student assessment strategies. This means that the school should have access to sufficient broadband.

The teachers create ongoing and summative assesments. The summative evidence should include performance tasks.

Strategiesto Reach Goals

Alignmentis achievable only if all the involved parties are activeparticipants in the process. For the school to achieve all the goalsthat strive for alignments to the set rubric designs, there should besome set strategies set reach the goals. The school needs to givetheteachers an opportunity to study the rubric design set by theVirginia Education Department so that they can have knowledge of whatis expected from them. The school leadership should create policiesthat make sure the teachers are accountable for the quality of workthey deliver. The school should create teacher motivation activitiesand campaigns to improve morale at the workplace. Motivated teacherswill be more inclined to corporate with the school leadership inaligning with the education department rubric design.

Theschool leadership should improve strategies to check theimplementation of the aligment goals on monthly basis. The schoolshould cultivate a culture of committing to excellence at all levels,from the school board, principals, teachers and the larger schoolcommunity. The school should strive to increase performance by allsubgroups in the school (school board, teachers and leadership) tomeet the school goals. The school should establish curriculum guidesthat point out the correct content for the students. Establishing ascope and sequence for the courses to align to the curriculum in asequential manner helps in the process.