Always “Like A Girl- Unstoppable.”

Always“Like A Girl- Unstoppable.”

YouTubehas over the years received to use as a platform for advertisingalmost every other product across the world. This web arena serves asan example for an economy which is on mass collaboration and makesuse of the internet to conduct business. Many companies can attest tothis in the manner to which their products reach the eyes and ears ofthe prospective customers in the nick of time. Since then, the adverthas been viewed over and over. Not only that it has been watched, butalso it has been talked about globally. One could probably reasonthat the commercial stands out mostly because it touches on quite asensitive issue in the society. This realization then brings us tothe fact that, the manner in which an advertisement touches thehearts of the viewers on YouTube is a perfect determiner of whetherthe particular company will make it or not. In this paper, I willdiscuss an eye-catching commercial which received publication onmid-2015.

TheAlways “Like a Girl – Unstoppable” commercial on YouTubeappeals to the audience through captivating a storyline developedfrom the beginning to the end. The story begins with the stereotypeawarded to girls in the society. Young girls who are in their pubertyare the interviewees on what the world conceives of them. Sadly, noneof this girl gives a positive story. Each of them has been made tobelieve that they can barely achieve solely. Too sad reality! Onefact presented is that 72% of the girls receive limitations from thesociety. As a result, some of the girls resorted to quitting inactivities they were indulging in while at school and home. One mayhave possibly sympathized with the girls, but there is hope in theend when the girls are all over sudden action-oriented. Always givespuberty girls confidence.

Thepurpose for the commercial, as may have been highlighted is to instiltrust in girls at their young age. Past research had shown that 50%of women had experienced a decline in confidence during thisadolescence period. There was dire need to empower girls during thistime of their lives when the confidence levels are at the lowest.Such an initiative would give them a powerful, purposeful andrelevant role in the society in its entirety. The title “Like agirl” brings out what this specific girl goes through in herupbringing. The perceptions that occur at different ages within thepuberty period reveal lots of information which build the purpose ofthe advertisement. The primary objective, therefore, is to empowerthe females and again rally the entire world to change theperceptions of women, embrace them and support them along the way.

Anothersuccess contributor in the commercial is the manner in which theaudience seem to fall in love with the message being passed on. Byextension, the information also focuses the societies which areapparently pulling down these girls. However, the primary focus hereis on the puberty girls across the world. The young girls on pubertystage of life face a lot of challenges when they start having theirmenstrual periods. It becomes difficult for them to share withanybody including their parents. The life experience may also lowertheir self-esteem forgetting that it is a life passage for a normalfemale being. Such experiences may even affect the schooling of theyoung girls.

Parents,guidance or teachers should give the awareness to young girlsconcerning such issues. However, always “Like a Girl- Unstoppable.”is a video that can provide information to young girls about theadolescence stage of a woman and what should be done. Every girl whohas some of the videos must have connected with the message quitemuch. Such viewers may have had similar experiences, and develop afeeling that the video intended for them. This is enough for them torush to the shopping stores and malls in search of the Alwayssanitary pads. A company should reach the target with such frequencyand animosity by advertisement or product promotion.

Asmany have probably witnessed, the commercial brings out emotions ofstrong will. The video may have first caused anyone to feelsympathetic until someone realizes that being merciful has neveramounted to any good. This latter feeling is what causes the audienceto stand on its two feet in a manner that suggests one can move hugemountains. One can imagine of girl who has always been ashamed of themere fact of being a girl. This event is real where girls startdoubting their existence when they hit puberty. On watching thisparticular commercial, there are higher chances that such a girlbecomes elevated emotionally. They get an upsurge of confidence whichthey might have been craving at this critical period. Well, how doesthe advertisement achieve to do this? There is a clear illustrationthat the girls initially have low self-esteem and have at sometimesbeen condemned. This case is not just a mere accident but is as aresult of circumstances. The company always takes advantage of such alimitation and brings in positive energy. The girls are made to thinkof how they can better the situation. In due course, each girl istouched and emotionally and instantly wants to become what she hasalways wanted to be.

Individualvariables seem to add value to the meaning of this product promotion.First, the social factor strongly stands out when one realizes howmuch the society may have caused the girl to shy off from being likethe boys of her age. When someone always hears that they could notachieve, they will believe that this could be the truth. Sadly, thepurported fact could have been a lie based on this scenario. Thecultural context is also brought out. Every being on the planet havecultural values they have interacted throughout their upbringing. Thecultures may vary across the society which is a larger setup. Forinstance, there are certain taboos in each and every culture. A quicksneak view into the video is enough to showcase how girls cannot docertain things. One particular girl is portrayed to believe that sheshould not rescue anybody. The culture of this young lady has indeeddamaged her or rather put her in a weak position where the best shecan do is to concern less to other people. These two variables aresignificance to the entire message since one can only contextualizewith what they see every day. The information gets home in all waysand is thus warmly received which is only a plus for the business.

Thetwo prominent underlying messages are gender and age. Sex comes outfirst since the product is undoubtedly for the girls. The genderissue presented here is something that has prevailed among thepopulation for years. Gender-bias has been there even during the timeour ancestors existed. Till date, the issue prevails and is atgreater heights in some societies which tend to show some résistancefor the upcoming females who seem to be making it. The commercial isan attestation to the fact that girl is not yet free from the bondageof gender-bias. The mentioned period is appropriate when girls aremost vulnerable as explicitly shown.

Inconclusion, this YouTube commercial Always “Like a Girl –Unstoppable” is essential to the young girls to become exposed tothe stages of life. Apart from any views on YouTube, the analysis hasproved beyond measure that the efforts put into it did not go wasted.First, the message captivates and is touching close to the point ofshedding tears. Second, the message is right home with the targetaudience. Last but not least is that all underlying factors have comeout so strongly that the society is obliged to own the message.Together, the society assists in reinforcing the confidence of agirl ‘always like a girl.` Additionally, after viewing the video,the young girls can feel acceptable to the society without fear ofany stage of life.


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