America Religious Marketplace

AmericaReligious Marketplace

Thecurrent America religious marketplace is characteristic of a scenariowhere diverse religious beliefs compete to acquire religiousconsumers. It is to satisfy the religious preference and needs ofdifferent people thereby making the nation the most diverse inreligious freedom in the world. The aftermath is the establishment ofmany religious ideologies, beliefs, and practices to enable peopleobtain their preferred option to suit them. Various aspects andevents in the past could be related to shaping the current situationand also explain the recent turn of events (Boerl260-276).

Inthe book Introduction to the history of Christianity in the US, anin-depth analysis of historical events that shaped Christianity islooked into. Beginning with the arrival of missionaries andcolonialists. To historical events in religion that formed the basisfor expression, of Christianity views. When European colonialistsarrived in the USA, they envisioned civilization culminated by asingle faith. They began spreading the Roman Catholic beliefs intheir colonies however this didn`t end well when Protestants brokeout with authority as a disregard of some beliefs and practices. TheProtestants, later on, began spreading their new ways to othercolonies to rally support and acquire followers (KoesterNancy).

Itled to the great awakening that began gaining momentum in differentareas. Membership skyrocketed since it got backing from Methodist andBaptist members and was more attractive to the young. Many Protestantdenominations emerged which aimed at instilling personal revival andsalvation away from authoritative religious matters. The book alsoillustrates on Christianity in the new republic which was used as atool for western expansion during trickling in of the settlers. Theyconvinced people to renounce their faith and commit to Christianity.As a result of slavery and civil war, a new dimension emerged thatplayed a role in Christianity in America. Black Christianitydeveloped that was meant to safeguard African heritage and endslavery which was promised to be abolished but wasn`t. The Blackcommunity wanted to practice Christianity out of the confines ofslavery and oppression thereby leading to the formation of theirmovement.

Morepeople continued in fluxing into America to exercise religiousfreedom away from oppression back in their countries. The emergenceof civil rights group and also the wars shaped America religion towhat it is today. Towards the new millennium, further describes thenew wave of changes regarding feminism and equality that also playeda critical role. Christianity began reshaping itself to accommodatethe turn of events. The need to exercise religious freedom bydifferent groups based on their beliefs continued springing up. Theconstitution that was there provided the guarantee for liberty andnever limited religious practices to a single state. The bookcontinuously expounds the importance of religion in a civil societyand the role it plays in a new republic. Most of the events thathappened in history shaped the current situation and enhanced theneeded for freedom and liberty to all individuals to exercise whatwas preferential of them.

Inconclusion, the present religious marketplace allows foraccommodation of numerous religious choices and practices. Itrecognizes the importance of religion, and there are no boundariesset to curtail religion thereby fostering liberty and expounding ofmultiple options. New religions are on the constant rise competingfor religious consumers for different reasons in some instancesmaking it appear as the emergence of religious merchants capitalizingon their ideologies. It has made the nation diverse therebyaccommodating all individuals in a free and fair way.


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