American Culture is infatuated with Violence

AmericanCulture is infatuated with Violence

Violence has become the way of life among the Americans in a varietyof ways. The violence witnessed among the Americans occurs on a dailybasis and results in various undesirable consequences (O’Toole andHäkkänen-Nyholm). Notably, the violence has resulted indisabilities, injuries and in worst cases death. Violence in theAmerican culture has been witnessed in homes and neighborhoods,sports events and films.

Sports activities in America have an inherent violent nature in them.Despite the noble meaning that is brought about by sports, Americanshave found themselves engaging in violent activities. For example,people get to take part in wrestling as a sports activity. Theengagement in wrestling has detrimental effects considering thephysical nature of the event. Those who take part are at risk ofsuffering various injuries. Wrestling has become part of the Americansports culture. Wrestlers have suffered broken ribs, paralysis and insome instances death.

Films have equally depicted the violent culture of Americans.Numerous films that have been shown in cinemas and television showshave presented violent scenes. The representation of violence inAmerican films could be a confirmation of the nature of the society.The films confirm the fact that violence is a characteristic natureof Americans. It is unfortunate that children get access to suchfilms making them start practicing the deeds. They tend to act toemulate the characters in the films resulting in them becomingviolent as well (Markey, Markey, and French).

Finally, violence has become a common occurrence in the Americanhomesteads. Mainly, domestic violence has become a common practice asmarried couples physically abuse each other. Such is a confirmationof the violent nature of the American culture.


Overall, the American culture of violence affects the wellbeing ofmany. It is essential for people to adopt peaceful ways of conductingthemselves. The violence evidently has adverse effects on thoseaffected.


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