American Society in the 1950`s


AmericanSociety in the 1950`s

AmericanSociety in the 1950`s


McCarthyismis described as the modern day period of a witch hunt. During the1950s, people were accused of being communists, and there was nobasis for this allegation. Once anyone was suspected of havingcommunist ties, they were banned from doing business and sometimeseven persecuted. Senator McCarthy introduced it. In his quest forpeople to persecute, he used blackmail and scare tactics to makeindividuals admit that they were members or to set others up (Lecture11, 2016). If I was the one accused, I would speak up, just likeJoseph Welch who after boldly confronting Senator McCarthycontributed to the end of his regime. Moreover, I would join thepeople who were tired of constant violations of their rights, makingit harder for the Senator to convince others that it was all fortheir benefit. This would then lead to a public outcry againstMcCarthyism resulting in the witch hunt being shut down.

Movingon, &quotseparate but equal&quot justified the separation offacilities and services that were made available to different groupsof people but maintained that the quality of the services andfacilities was the same (Lecture 11, 2016). If I lived during thattime, I would easily know that this was a form of deceit and wouldnot support the idea.


TheWWII Civil Rights Movement was inspired by efforts of nationalleaders to implement basic rights that could guarantee the AfricanAmericans constitutional privileges for equal protection by the laws.The movement progressed during the subsequent eras like the 1950`sbecause people had already fought against McCarthyism and they haddeveloped a better sentience of their political power. Through this,communities had shifted their mindsets from post-war conservatism tothe desire for freedom (Lecture 11, 2016).

However,the Civil Rights Movements may not have evolved during the late1940’s and early 1950’s because they were periods when people hadnot realized their civic rights. Moreover, most immigrants, who hadalready become residents of America, were still treated assecond-class citizens. The involvement of Civil Rights Movement inWWII made most opponents to lose ground as the activists came out ofthe movement strong and prepared for the battle (Lecture 11, 2016).


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