Analysis of Figurative Language in the Song Heal the World.

Analysisof Figurative Language in the Song Healthe World.

Alanguage is a crucial tool used by the human beings for the purposeof communication. It entails the implicit and explicit thoughts andfeelings. The song Healthe World byMichael Jackson uses figurative language to convey the message. Themessage presented in the song makes the listener to obtain thepurpose and the meaning delivered in the song. Most of the songlyrics have used figurative language to pass the message as well asbeautify the style to make the song more appealing. Figurativelanguage refers to the images that are used in an extraordinarymanner to explore the less known things through things that arealready known (Afriani 22). It can be achieved through specialarrangement and repetition of words with literal meaning. Figurativelanguage intends to give more meaning to the phrase, emphasize theirsignificance and beautify the phrase (Juniartini2).On the other hand, songs are regarded as being part of the human lifein the society. Sometimes it is difficult to understand thecomposition of the songs since what the composer conventionally saysis not what he/she intends to express to the listeners. The writerswant to compose the songs in a manner that will evoke the emotions ofthe audience (Listian 10). One way of achieving this purpose isthrough the use of figurative language. Figurative language isexpressed in the song Healthe World byMichael Jackson in depth.

Figurativelanguage such as metaphor, personification, antithesis, andsynecdoche have been used in the song Healthe World.


Ametaphor refers to the expression that is used to understand aconcept using another concept where there are similarities betweenthe two (Tocharoen 3). The following are examples of metaphors in thesong Healthe World.

Line1 &quotThere is a place in your heart&quot is a metaphor that hasbeen used in the song. The phrase of ‘place’ is a feature that iscontrastive to the authenticity. If we consider the element of placein the heart, it implies that it is an organ of the body. The heartbecomes the feeling and sense of the human soul. A place in the heartbecomes an abstract portion that influences the thinking of thesongwriter. The expression becomes metaphorical when interpreted.Therefore the expression has been used contrastively in literalterms.

Line18 “Heal the World.” The phrase offers a contrastivetransformation in the structure of the sentence and the existence ofmeaning. While focusing on the structure of the sentence, the meaningis denoted from the word ‘heal.` The world implies in the contextrecovering the world. What becomes strange is how the world can berecovered? The world is a dead thing, but if closer attention is paidto the context, the exact message is explored about the world. On theother hand, the other hand the word ‘heal’ on the human partmeans providing a solution to the destruction. The metaphor providesa solution to the world while saying heal the world by the sagacityof integration and peace (Afriani 25). Moreover, the metaphorpromotes the message of the composer that people should be mindful ofthe environment and protect the world from destruction.

Line9 “Wound This Earth.” The word ‘wound` has been used to meanthe physical harm. The phrase offers a contrastive value of themeaning. Its metaphorical significance is that people have destroyedthe world by making from war, poisons, and bombings. These activitieslead to the destruction of the earth.


Thisrefers to the process of allocating human characteristics to ideas,non-human object and abstractions (Listian 15). The following areexamples of personification in the song Healthe World.

Line5 “Make a little space.” The phrase implies that the living inthe world offers people with the opportunity to live peacefully.Having little space means that human beings can live while relaxedwithout feeling stressed.

Line2 “There’s love that cannot lie.” The element that says thatlove cannot lie is impossible since love has been given a humanattribute of lying. Love is considered as a feeling but not acreature.


Synecdoche refers to the rule that applies the element for the partto the whole. The technique utilizes a part of a thing to show thewhole (Juniartini5).The person can use synecdoche while trying to mention part ofsomething that is intended to represent the whole. Examples ofsynecdoche in the song Healthe World includes:

Line4 “I Feel you are all.” The word ‘all’ is confusing since itrefers to something. There is a need to know what is being referredto by Michael Jackson. Therefore, the phrase indicates thetransformation of a part.


Antithesisoccurs when different terms are presented together. The techniquecontains contrastive ideas while using phrases or words (Afriani 27).Notably, the method enables people to make connections using opposingwords or phrases. The examples of antithesis include:

Line8 “Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears.” The phrase is figurative inthat people can experience happiness when they feel sad. This neverhappens in reality based on the conventional assumption. When peoplecry, a sense of sadness should be exhibited.

Toa greater extent, the song Healthe World byMichael Jackson convey figurative meaning by using metaphors,personification, synecdoche, and antithesis. The figurative sense hashelped in understanding the meaning conveyed in the song. Moreover,learners can learn linguistic knowledge presented in the songs.Michael Jackson has used the figurative speech to reveal the meaningof his message contained in the song Healthe World.


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