Analysis of White Nights

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Analysisof White Nights

Thebook guides the reader in understanding the life of detectives andhow they solve murder cases. More specifically, the book WhiteNights by Ann Cleeves provides a proper analysis and anintroduction of the characters that help the readers understand theplot and any other themes that emerge. The setting of the story isin Shetland where people are known to celebrate occasionally becauseof the beach and the relaxing climate in summer. The thriller revealshow Perez and Taylor work together in solving the murder cases evenif they have different characters.

Thestory has three main characters that include Detective Jimmy Perez,Inspector Roy Taylor and lastly Fran Hunter. The other characters areplaying a supporting role and reveal how the plot works out. Moreimportantly, based on the investigative styles of the two officers,it is clear that Jimmy is slow and has patience while talking withthe Biddista residents (Cleeves,50).However, Taylor does not reveal the same characters since he ishyperactive and he does not work with the villagers effectively. Infact, Taylor believes that Perez is a bit irritating based on hisslow pace while dealing with various issues in the investigations(Cleeves,52).Shockingly, they are able to get along and work together in findingwho the killer is. On the other hand, Fran Hunter is a loving lady,and she treats Perez in a proper way. Her relationship with Perezseems to interfere with the investigation since he places more timeon how to treat her perfectly rather than looking at the case thatneeds them to solve the cases.

Theplot begins with an art exhibition where a strange man starts cryingat the party. Later in the morning, he is found hanged and masked tooin one of the boats sheds along the beach. Jimmy Perez and Roy Taylorare the ones that have the responsibility of determining who thekiller is. Some people believe that it is suicide but Perez,believes that it is murder. In fact, his claims are strengthened whenanother person is also murdered (Cleeves,15).The two detectives launch their investigation to find the murderersand solve the case. However, the two have conflicting investigativestyles but, they manage to get along. Perez and Fran Hunters’relationship seem to undermine the course of the investigation thathe is supposed to undertake.

Moreimportantly, the author proves that even if people might havedifferent characters, they might still work together to achieve onecommon goal. The approach shows how Perez and Taylor clearly haveopposite qualities but, they are able to overcome their differencesand work together in solving the murder. For instance, Perez is seenas a person that is slow and socializes with people freely. On theother hand, Taylor does not have the same qualities, and he seemsmore hyperactive since he questions people and expects immediateresponses from them. However, with their differences, they are ableto work together and solve the cases.

Theauthor shows that a hyperactive and a slow person might still worktogether to reach a common goal. In fact, Perez and Taylor haveopposite qualities but, do not prevent them from working together.At first, they seem to be in a competition, and Taylor is irritatedwith Perez’s investigative style. More importantly, the author usesthe differences between the two detectives and the secrets inBiddista make the story more interesting too. In conclusion, even ifPerez and Taylor have opposite characters, they place theirdifferences aside and work together to find the killers.


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