Anti-Semitism in the Film, `Downfall.`

Anti-Semitismin the Film, ‘Downfall.`

Anti-Semitismin the Film, ‘Downfall.`

Thefilm ‘Downfall’ displays the history of Germany under theleadership of Adolf Hitler. It reveals the final days of Adolf Hitlerin Berlin Bunker. Additionally, the film presents the soft manner inwhich Adolf was treated. The ‘soft` treatment that Adolf and hismen received is not warranted considering that they had committedvarious crimes against humanity. The movie displays various themesone of the themes that come out so clearly is the anti-Semitism andracial state (Voigtländer&amp Voth, 2015).

Anti-Semitismand Racial State in the ‘Downfall.`

Anti-Semitismcould be defined as the hostility that the Jews communities faced. Ithad an imminent effect on the Jews, and their freedom was curtailed.In the film, a group known as Nazi was so much determined to do awaywith the groups that resisted anything that they ever did. A scene isportrayed involving a stent from Munich University. The student wasshot by the Nazi soldiers as she was from the Nazi courts. SophieScholl was shot because she allegedly ran an anti-Nazi talk in theUniversity.

Additionally,the Nazi group in the movie made it difficult for the movement of theJews. This hostility was so extreme that the groups had to be hidden.False accusation and general hatred were the order of the day for theJews in the movie. It goes unsaid that the capture of Adolf in thefilm and what happened when Nazi took over power in Germany are sorelated (Voigtländer&amp Voth, 2015).There are great instances of political brutality that were witnessedbased on race as well as Anti-Semitism.

Asa justification of what happens in the film, the German army wasdefeated in the World War I. The Germans attributed the defeat to beas a result of the traitors who were majorly the Jews. This was thegreatest bone of contention, a factor that led to the said hostility.The accusations were laid down by a stab in the back legend. It was,however, untrue because the Jews troops in Germany believed that theyhad done their best in the different wars.

AdolfHitler was the primary brain behind the hostility against the Jewsduring the time in which he was in power. He had an intention ofmaking the Germany free of the Jewish communities. He, therefore,tried as much as possible to ensure that this group was wiped out.Consequently, he decided to infringe on the rights of the Jews, byimposing rule such as uniform, which was to be worn by the Jews as asign of identity. Additionally, any business that was conducted bythe Jews was to be boycotted (Voigtländer&amp Voth, 2015).One of the most touching and hostile thing that Adolf did, was tostrip Jews their rights as citizens. This was primarily initiated bythe Nazi troops.

Thehostility that was witnessed against the Jews by the Whites in Germanled to racial discrimination. There was a great gap that the whitescreated. They view the Jews to b having an inferior race an aspectof racial discrimination. The anti-Semites based their argument onsocial Darwinism and they said that the whites could not change andbecome loyal to the white Germans because the trait of betrayal wasof their species. They argued that the Jews had inherited racialqualities from their ancestors.

Additionally,there was an argument that the Jewish communities were trying theirlevel best to spread what was termed as a pernicious influence indifferent nations, a factor that would lead to the weakening of theEuropean nations. The methods that the Jews would use to weaken thesenations included such aspects as the economy, the media, and thepolitical framework. By weakening the economy of these countries,there were great chances that the Jews could gain power. Theanti-Semites did not even want the whites to get married to the Jewsbecause they believed that they would pass their inferior traits tothe offspring.

Thefilm ‘Downfall` gives a broader reflection of what the Jews facedduring this time of racial discrimination. The kind of treatment thatthey were given by the Nazi groups in Germany made life to be sodifficult for them. Adolf was one of the worst dictators, the kindsof judgments that he made were worse. The kind of rules and the waysin which the Jews were treated were all the making of Adolf. When heis captured as depicted in the movie, he is given a kind treatment,what is in most cases referred to as ‘too human“ treatment. He wasone leader who knew not the meaning of being human. During this time,some deaths were experienced in this reign because at some pointHitler decided to impose execution on the Jewish rebels (Voigtländer&amp Voth, 2015).Those who tried to oppose the moves by the Nazi troop found life tobe tough. The movie scores in giving out this theme.


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