Apple Inc. Global Performance

AppleInc. Global Performance


AppleInc. Global Performance

Sincethe consumer demand for technology is changing, Apple Inc. believesin making great, simple, and constant products placing emphasis oninnovation. According to Apple Inc. (2016), they extend innovation tothe environment by using greener materials. Additionally, the companyclaims to respect their worker’s rights by treating them withrespect and dignity. They do this by limiting working hours to 60hours weekly with one mandatory rest day using their work-hourmonitoring equipment. In this paper, I will assess Apple Inc.’sinternational ethical performance.

Itis apparent that apple has failed to actualize global responsibilityon consumer privacy. However, Apple in 2011 admitted that some cellphone features on their markets collect information concerning aphone’s location making it privacy infringement (Daniels FundEthics Initiative, 2016). They later claimed that consumers candisable these features but some of the elements persisted to collectthe location date even after disabling. Further, Apple is accused ofthe inhumane treatment of their employees to increase profits and cutcosts in the Chengdu and Shenzhen plants in China (Sethi, 2012).Workers in these plants work ninety-eight overtime hours opposed toChina’s law of not above thirty-six hours. Despite this, Appletries to be socially responsible regarding the environment since theypublicly announce their environmental policies that offer users theirprogress chart. With this, they have enjoyed first position as themost admired company globally in recent years.

Themain potential influence that affects the international ethicalperformance of Apple includes the rising demand of technologicalproducts in the world. Technology is also changing and the companyhas to keep up with the pace for it to remain sustainable in theglobe’s market. Other factors include the need to make profits bycreating a strong brand name among its current users and potentialusers. With this, the company’s strategy on innovation emphasisworks appropriately in supporting its ethical performance since theymanage to create greener technologies. However, their strategy alsoviolates ethics since they fail to reduce their employees workinghours despite stating it as their mission. They also have issues inassuring consumer privacy when using their products.

Thereasons by which both Tim Cook and Steve Jobs support the ethicalperformance linked to Apple is due to the company’s rise inprofits. The company also managed to gain a loyal customer base basedon their brand image making it necessary to for the leaders tosupport this performance. Further, it is able to meet the demands ofthe market through providing high quality, consistent, and promptproducts.

Applein 2009 admitted that their products emit harmful gases to theenvironment reported at 9.6 million metric tons, with 3% of theemissions from the company facilities and 97% from product lifecycles (Apple In., 2016). Due to this wanting performance, Appledecided to document their environment policy progress to the publicso that they can be accountable for their contributions to theenvironment. The move has made them cautious since they want toattract their consumer confidence.

Despitethe many praises awarded to Apple Inc., the company in my view hasfailed to prove itself as an ethical corporation. It has many casesof violations of human rights making it an unhealthy environment towork in. the company also failed to guarantee complete privacy oftheir customers making it unethical to some degree.


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