Apple`s Market Research

Apple’sMarket Research

Apple’sMarket Research


Appleis an American company that is mainly focused on designing,developing and selling consumer electronics, online services, andcomputer software. Over thirty years the company has upgraded itsmodes of production and therefore improvement of products available.The company was started by Steve Woznia, Ronald Wayne, and SteveJobs, who is currently the CEO of Apple, in 1970’s. Apple exercisesa business strategy that has all its employees and department workingtogether in the creation of a better product. The working concept isfocused on increasing productivity and efficiency on their products.The primary business initiative is associated with customerrelationship management. The company uses a number of differentinternet business model. These models include one business the othere-commerce which involves the use of computers to assist in the dailyoperations of organizations. Business to the customer is the othermodel that helps with selling products from the company to differentclients. The next issue of interest involves the various paymentoptions to help increase contingency and easy access to products. Oneof the most efficient payment option includes electronic billpresentment and payment. Individuals are provided with the luxury ofmaking purchases just from the comfort of their homes. Theirbusiness is carried out from a database warehouse so as to help dealwith a large collection of business information collected from someother databases. Apple Company is growing rapidly and is focused onselling some products followed by categories, and that is inputdevices, output devices, storage devices and connecting devices.Based on all input set in the production of goods at Apple Company,we can see that the quality is going hand in hand with the prices ofthe respective products (Johnsonet al 2013).

Availableliterature on research methods

Thecompany tries to do all it can to hold off information on themarketing strategies taken on by the firm. At an interview withFortune, the CEO of Apple had him claim that the company does notinvolve itself in any market research or hire a consultant. Furthermore, he says that he hired consultants once in his career asthe CEO and that was when analyzing gateway retail strategies to helpthem avoid the mistakes made when launching Apples retail stores. Heargues out that it is hard for customers to want now if they haveseen nothing remotely compared to what we have at the table. Howeverconcerning the case existing between Samsung and Apple, the company’sVice president of product marketing Joswiak gave out a declaration tothe court detailing reasons as to why the company’s market researchshould be kept undisclosed. That, therefore, proves that the companyat least uses some market research processes. Through the documentpresented in court, the survey is seen to take place country bycountry with the efforts of trying to determine what keeps drivingcustomers towards buying Apple products against any other products.Joswick states that if the information is made available to thepublic, we will have Apple suffer a competitive edge sincecompetitors will be able to determine what primarily attracts bothiPhone and iPad customers (Sonet al. 2015)

ResearchMethods to be used

Foreffectiveness in Apple goals of maximizing profits and establishmentof a competitive edge in the business world, the company ought toadopt interviews as their research method. The idea is withconsideration of the maximized profit that would come from the wholeprocess and therefore the goal attainment process. Since Appleensures they have a market research process that is confidential willbe helpful from the fact that the response for various interviews canbe kept safe since here are no third parties access. Interviewingalso comes with various advantages such as:

  1. Capturing Verbal and Nonverbal ques

Whenconducting the interview a lot of information helpful to themarketing and production of services can be extracted in the wholeprocess. Some of the issues that would be captured may includegetting to see levels of discomfort when trying to answer questions.Through that, we will be able to point out compromising details abouta particular aspect as opposed. Some point to focus on in tryinginterviews as a research method will be getting to determine thepoints of focus in ensuring the new products brought on are with thespecifications of the customers need.

  1. Help keep focus

Sincethe interviewer is the head of the operation, he or she can directthe attention to the main important details and therefore gatherinformation on different aspects that will help in the improvement ofthe products from Apple. Considering their strategy of productionthat ensures the need to have unique products the interviews conceptof focus will help a lot in a quality generation. These benefits helpshow that it can clearly be seen how the company will ease theprocess of meeting its goal through having all the necessarymaterials needed in the goal attainment procedures.

Appleas a company has been able to win their customers through brandloyalty which leads to the timely high record of sales. Havinginterviews as a source of primary research will be considered thebest way to deal with different ways through which the companyconsiders their products are well given out in the situations stated. The interview taken will fasten the requirements when it comes toproduction and helps ensure the IOS source code is kept on lock downwith no interference of third party states (Dobreset al 2014).


Apartfrom all that l read on blogs and different places l saw the newsabout Apple, l too decided to go out in the field and do someresearch on the organization and all that it is producing. The mainissue of concern was the determination of how they manage to remaincompetitive as well as what their customers believe is the mainreasons as to why they take on these responsibilities. I conducted aninterview with an iPhone retail outlet as well as randomly on thestreets addressing the issues of why to consider these iPhone. I cameup with good questions that will bring out the different knowledgethat will help in attaining my real goal.

Withthe retail outlet, l went for the reasons as to why they thoughtiPhone was performing better than any other smartphones. The branchmanager proudly referred to Apple iPhone as the king of smartphones.His main argument was with the sales that come about with theproduct. Over the years Apple has proved its metal concerning profitrealization. The company owns more than 90 percent of all profits inthe smartphone businesses. The products also offered at the companyhelp ensure that the company can grow and therefore leave any othersmartphone at a disadvantage when coming to cutting a competitiveedge. The idea is looking at how much those Apple devices producednow come with an older version operating system, therefore, implyingthat the replacement method is in place and therefore thedetermination of success in the processes stated. It is unlike othersmartphones where the systems have been upgraded to the extent thatthere is little that can be done to change the general outlook ofthese devices. Some proof was offered by a worker at theorganization since l was provided with a model of iPhone 6 and 6+explaining how they both lack differences from their outlook andoperation. Production of iPhone screens from 4.0 inches 5.0 incheswas the other sign of growth as l was told to expect more over theyears.

Customer’spoint of view on this matter was the other important indicator toconsider in this case. After carrying out an interview on customer’sl managed to get responses specifying the efficiency of servicesbeing offered by the company stated. The response l received was thatthe iPhone has much more polished user interface. That comes withconvenience in using these particular products. Technical details arebetter off displayed on iPhone and that will involve Bluetoothstreaming among other different factors. IPhone camera is alsoanother factor incomparable to other smartphones, therefore, makingit stand out in the easiest ways possible.

Lookingat this findings, we can conclude that when coming up with devicesfrom Apple, the company mainly focused on customer satisfaction. Theidea can be seen considering how the company’s products improve theservice production of all its customers by ensuring they havefeatures that are better than those of competitors (Brinkmann2014).


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