Application Essays





Asa pharmacist, I interact with numerous individuals suffering fromvarious illnesses. One of the factors that have influenced myprofessional inspirations for the future is the advancements made inthe medical industry. With continuous efforts the pharmaceuticalcompanies are focusing on developing new, efficient, and cheaperdrugs, it is my pleasure to ensure that ailing individuals haveaccess to the medicine they require to get better. When a societyeliminates diseases and is full of healthy individuals, it willsucceed in its economic and social activities.


Myuncle is the most influential person in my life. As I am pursuing amedical degree, my uncle has provided me with the opportunity toexperience the benefits of being a doctor in the society. My uncle isa doctor at the general hospital in our community, and he deals withactivities in the emergency room as well as general practice. Thecommunity is full of sick people, and without the required medicalattention, most of the community members would suffer and possiblypass away from common preventive diseases. I have an objective ofhaving a positive effect in the community and becoming a doctor isthe best way to do that. Ensuring the community is without sickindividuals and all preventable measures to avoid common diseaseshave been implemented, the society will benefit and thrive fromhaving a healthy population.


Oneof the most important characters in an individual that I value mostis trustworthiness. Trust is a major aspect of most businessprocesses and activities. It is a characteristic that has an impacton all processes as it enhances good communications and buildingefficient and effective relationships (Penn State College ofAgricultural Sciences, 2016). Trust ensures that there is mutualrespect between people and that the opinions, tones, and content ofthe other person are respected. Trust also assures individuals thatthere are transparency and a high level of morality and ethics in allactivities. This is achieved by clear and direct communication withfellow colleagues or friends, without any hidden alternative orhidden agendas. Honest and trustworthy communication promoteseffective decision-making processes. Trust ensures that anyinformation received is shared widely to all related individuals.Through trust, individuals will be confident that any sharedinformation within an organization or community will reach allrelevant individuals without any distortion or prejudice.


Thereis a period in high school where I was the captain of the basketballteam. I was proud leading out the basketball team when facing otherbasketball teams in various competitions. There were severalobstacles that I experienced, and I had to overcome them. One of themwas disciplining the players in my team. Most of the players my closeand personal friends, which made it hard for me to punish them.However, I had to be fair to all of the team players and gave themfair punishments. Another obstacle I experienced was disloyalteammates. Loyalty is important in any team and ensuring that everymember of the basketball team was loyal was vital. To encourage teamspirit and togetherness, I organized camps, road trips, and privateswimming sessions for the entire basketball team. These activitieswould ensure that every team member gets to bond with the rest of theteam and encourage togetherness.


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