Argumentative essay Technology is positive

Argumentativeessay: Technology is positive

Technologyhas a significant role in the social, economic, and political aspectsof humankind, in the contemporary world. There have been vitaladvancements in technology, over the past, that have enhanced andmade life easier in myriad ways. However, it would be ignorant todownplay the adverse impacts brought about by technology. Besidesreceiving substantial flak from the older generations for corruptingthe youngsters, technology has raised grave concerns in the societysuch as destruction of natural resources, environmental degradation,cybercrimes, and family break-ups among others. The growth oftechnology is extensive since it spreads to all sectors andindustries in the economy. The essay delves into the positive impactsassociated with technology in the modern world.


Today,technology has become part and parcel of the daily undertakings.According to research studies, estimated of 58 percent of adults inAmerica have smartphones[CITATION Cal14 p 63 l 1033 ].The research is a clear indication that the new technology has beenaccepted and embraced by people in the society. Technology isbeneficial in different aspects of day to day lives,as elucidated in this essay.


Technologyhas been of substantial use in facilitating learning process amongstudents. Studies have indicated that students with better access totechnology have a higher chance of excelling in schools than studentswithout. The internet has helped researchers and scholars inundertaking research and supplementary studies at educational levels.Computers and other gadgets that connect to the internet have provedinvaluable as they have made access to educational materials moreconvenient[CITATION Vil16 p 28 l 1033 ].The use of actual books is still notable in the education fraternityhowever, internet mobile devices have motivated students and made thelearning process more interesting and convenient. Besides, studentscan enroll in online and distance learning programs, hence enjoylearning regardless of geographical boundaries.


Inthe contemporary world, technology has proved to be beneficial inconnecting and getting in touch with people across the world. Inantiquity, people used methods such as letters and messengers whichhad their respective setbacks like delayed delivery among others.Fortunately, the new technology has ameliorated all the challenges byimproving the speed and distance of communication. People communicatethrough social networking programs such as emails, texting, and videoconferencing[CITATION Akr13 p 161 l 1033 ].Additionally, mobile phones are widely used to make calls anywherearound the world. Technology and the internet have also led to theemergence of other social networking applications such as Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram among others. The use of these platforms hasincreased connectivity and enhanced social networking.


Technologyhas played a paramount role in improving the economy and facilitatingdevelopment. Business organizations have used modern technology invarious aspects of operations such as accounting, finance, and humanresource. Technology has enabled business organizations toincorporate their operations and activities in various businessapplications to ensure efficacy. Today, business transactions arefast, reliable, and convenient, ensuring smooth transfer and exchangeof money[CITATION Wei14 p 209 l 1033 ].Technology has helped researchers and economists predict futuretrends in the economy, hence prevent economic depressions anddownturns.


Technologyhas acted as a major source of technology through the use of theinternet. Devices that connect to the internet have been used widelyto gather and receive information promptly. People use the moderntechnology to explore various aspects of life and gain knowledge[CITATION Cal14 p 65 l 1033 ].For instance, the use of the internet has helped people search andapply for employment opportunities, locate libraries and onlinebooks, and research on various diseases and their respectivetreatment options.


Thehealth care sector has undergone drastic transformation due to moderntechnology. For instance, health care professionals have discoveredmethods of detecting early signs of diseases such as cancer, hencehelp prevent deterioration of the condition. The photo-acousticimaging procedure, developed in 2007, has been used to detect breastcancer at its initial stages, thus help provide a treatment plan[CITATION Wei14 p 206 l 1033 ].Medical practitioners have used technology to carry out researchstudies on various diseases so as to establish cure and preventionmechanisms.


Finally,technology has been helpful in the provision of data and informationcrucial to preventing natural calamities. For instance,volcanologists have used data to identify geographical areas with thehigh vulnerability of experiencing volcanoes[CITATION Akr13 p 46 l 1033 ].Moreover, seismologists have found technology to be beneficial indetermining areas prone to earthquakes, hence warn people to makeprior evacuation arrangements.


Therole of technology in the society has been epitomized in variousaspects of day to day life, as discussed above. The new and emergingtechnology has improved the social, economic, and political facets byincreasing efficiency. However, several adverse impacts have beenassociated with the use of modern technology and the internet.Research studies have placed emphasis on the positive impacts,stipulating that modern technology carries more benefits than harm.The use of technology among the youth, however, needs to be regulatedto prevent moral degradation. Since the advent of modern technologyand the internet, there has been an increase in connectivity andglobalization.


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