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For me,Art is a fascinating way to express a feeling towards the particularobject and loose a mind in the beauty, reality and fantasy ofartwork. Art has no format and that is the reason of uniqueness inthe artwork. I have an experienced to visit “Collection de l’ArtBrut, Lausanne, Switzerland”. Jean Dubuffet invented the name as“Art Brut”. The Art Brut works to observe the people notinfluenced by the culture of artist. In Art Brut, visitors can noticethe rawest and purest artistic creation. Since all the arts arere-invented and designed from scratch. This is a type of artwork inwhich invention plays a significant role and differently from theusual cultural art. It represents the artwork of the people that arenot aware of artistic work specially created by the people for theirown satisfaction to express themselves. Some of the artists are veryintellectual and talented who, surrounded with ordinary way of livingand polishing their passion but there are many salient points as thepart of their biography. For example: inexperienced to art, born orbrought up in the stress circumstances, after spending a long periodin the mental hospital they use art as the source to communicate withothers or get in touch with a people to strongly express themselves(Moran, 2014). One of them, artist Vojislav Jakic said about his ownwork “This is no drawing or painting: this is sedimentation ofpain” (&quotDe l’Art Brut in Lausanne&quot, 2013).


LeCheval By Rodolfo Abella

“Artwork:Le cheval, Artist name:Abella Rodolfo, Date of work:Le cheval, between 1991 and 1994, Collection:de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Size:225 x 325 x 50 cm” (“Di-Giovanni Curzio”, 2016). Rodolfo Abellais dedicated himself to create a drawing, painting, and modelingbefore the creation of his first artwork. He focuses on working withthe variety of materials specifically plaster, joined metal plates,iron and concrete but his favorite work is to create the masterpiece of recycled wood (“Di-Giovanni, Curzio”, 2016). The givenart is selected due to the innovative utilizing power of recycledwood. The horse sculpture is clearly indicating the creativeimagination of Rodolfo. This artwork is important as he perfectlyutilizes the bushes, dry grass and recycled wood to create thismasterpiece. The ideal place to display this art is the art galleryof the woodwork. This work is completely different as compare toother artwork in the gallery in term of imagination and thought toprovoke in term of expression. Furthermore, the catchiest part is theexpression of the horse. The artist is used three different wood ofblack, brown and yellow colors and two different bushes of yellow andbrown color. The most significant part of this art is a bonystructure of horse coupled with flesh that is represented with drygrass and the tale is made up of bushes. It looks like AbellaRodolfo has a very good environment, nature and utilizing sense. Thishorse might be the sculpture of his pet animal. Furthermore, theexpression of the horse is narrating a complete story, it seems asthe horse is attracting towards some interesting voice that iscoming from the right side as the ear position and the face aredirecting towards the right side of the horse. The bony structure offeet is also very interesting and well-defined (&quotRecycled Art&quot,2014).

Unnaa Posc Rossa Scurra Rossa Rossa Svossvagherrrrrrrrrrrrr By DiGiovanni Curzio

“Artwork:Unnaa Posc Rossa Scurra Rossa Rossa Svossvagherrrrrrrrrrrrr, Artistname: Curzio Di Giovanni, Dateof work:UnnaaPoscRossaScurraRossaRossaSvossvagherrrrrrrrrrrrr,2002, Size:24 x 33 cm, Collection: de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, lead pencil and colored pencil on paper”(&quotAbella, Rodolfo &quot, 2016). Di Giovanni Curzio began toattend the painting workshop in 2001, he has been interested workingon the graphics pieces. The senses of his drawing are vast andimpressive. The main focuses that seem significant to him are thedetailing and are inspired by the photographic representation ofcharacters and animals. In the given art, he uses well-definedcompositions of line, compartmentalizing the car structure accordingto the principle of mosaic and then fill color with colors pencil. Inthis artwork, the principle design and medium to form imagery, brandsymbolism and subject matter creates by the artist. The artist usesthree major shapes and it’s derivative. Each shape is communicatingthe messages to the observer of this painting. The artist uses threebasic colors such as red, black and shade of black (Philadelphia,2011).He conveys mood and emphasizes to develop entry points thatlead the eyes from one design to the other. The artist uses the darkcolors in this painting to suggest the night scene as dark colorsgive the sense of threatening or mystery (&quotColor PencilTechnique&quot, 2012). The language of the overall production ofthis artwork is to produce the sensational effect of volume andspace. The artist combines both elements into expressive randompatterns to represent the supernatural phenomena. The artist uses themedium of pencil colors and utilizes his own technique to combine thevisual effect. Here the principle dimensions of colors are the hueattributes intensity and tone. Red, black and shades of black are thefundamental hues and all the colors on a chromatic scale are made toform hues colors. Artist of this painting creates psychological andoptical tension in the passage of design. That is the reason, whenone shapes touches the other shape or seem to collide then colorsprogression constantly occur through the sudden discord.

The artist has utilized the lead and colored pencil inthis art. The drawing is clearly indicating his love for theexpensive car. This work of art is important as he perfectly utilizesthe modern design of Porsche. The ideal place to display this art isthe pencil colored art gallery for an inexperienced artist. This workis completely different as compare to other artwork in the gallery interm of its arbitrary and unsystematic design. Furthermore, thecatchiest part is the distinguishing power of an artist as he clearlyand separately expresses the elements of the car such as main body,side mirror, headlights, tyre and front mirror. The most significantpart of this art is the sense of distinguishing the car elements. Itlooks like, Curzio Di Giovanni has very good knowledge of carproducts and designs. This car might be his dream car. Furthermore,the brand name “Porsche” is narrating a complete story of theexpensive and smart choice of his dream car.

SansTitre By Maisonneuve Pascal Desir

“Artwork:sans titre, Artist name:Maisonneuve Pascal-Désir, Date ofwork: untitled, between 1927 and1928 sculpture of varied seashells, Size:height 47.5 cm, Collection:de l’Art Brut, Lausanne” (&quotMaisonneuve, Pascal-Désir&quot, 2016).Maisonneuve Pascal Desir bloomed as an artist at the age of64, he designed the series of almost more than fifteen portraitswhich represented fun about the ruler and ridiculed politician fromdifferent countries.Maisonneuve is considered as the specificexample of a strange artist having a non-planned approach forexpressing himself. Maisonneuve Pascal-Désir has utilized the shellto create the mask type-face.The given art is selected due to itssmoothness, imagination and thought provoking expression. The shellbased mask is clearly indicating the creative imagination ofMaisonneuve Pascal-Désir.This work of art is important as heperfectly utilizes all the shells according to its size and inperfect position. The ideal place to display this art is the artgallery of shell and mask. This work is completely different ascompare to other artwork in the gallery in term of the sense oforientation. Furthermore, the catchiest part is the expression ofmask it seems as the artist is experienced the visual hallucinationand comes up with the strange and interesting face of human that iscoupled with the characteristic of the animal with the similar hornas of stag. The artist has used the shell of various sizes, colorsand designs. The most significant part of this art is the sharpedges, smooth surface of horn, star-like structure of front view offorehead and nose is made from potato shaped shell.Spiral shell isused for eyes. It looks like, Maisonneuve has very good orientationsense as the mask lips is closed by making sandwiched with twoshells. This mask face might look like the old age face as it haswrinkles on both sides of the face, bulky, over mature and prominentface structure. Furthermore, the expression of this mask is narratinga complete story, it seems as the anxiety, irritated and confusedface.


All these three artwork arepossessed some important causes and situation that occurred inartist’s life. According to my point of view, skills of the artistsare just un-measurable and very few people can even get an idea aboutthe intensity and expertise of the artists. In “Collection De l’ArtBrut, Lausanne” gallery work,the artists of these three art workuse various icons and symbolism. Some of them are the brand name,bone structure, animals, shapes, patterns, angles and shell mask.Thethree-dimensional artwork of Le Cheval and Sans Titre are verycatchy, caught full attention and an undivided interest (List, 2015).Mostly, the artwork of “De l’Art Brut, Lausanne” gallery are aconceptual and very difficult chase. As the meaning of the artist`swork are broader and tough. In short, these three artworks “Del’Art Brut, Lausanne” are spiritual, complicated and fantastic.I believe that my educational visit to the art gallery is a greatexperience of learning. All these artwork are completely cryptic thatopenly express the strong emotions and the visible feeling ofobsessions and intensity of search. The incredible world, artistscreated are not possible to mediate through any type of artistictheory. Hence, the artists appear brightly to the eye of the viewer.This gives an art the constant swings involving being distressing,idealistic and dreamy. Nevertheless, the artworks are direct,expressive and powerful (Hanquinet &amp Savage, 2016).


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Appendix A

Le Cheval By Rodolfo Abella

Date of work: Le cheval, between 1991 and 1994

Appendix B

Unnaa Posc Rossa Scurra Rossa Rossa Svossvagherrrrrrrrrrrrr By Di Giovanni Curzio

Date of work:UnnaaPoscRossaScurraRossaRossaSvossvagherrrrrrrrrrrrr, 2002

Appendix C

Sans Titre By MaisonneuvePascal Desir

Date of work: untitled,between 1927 and 1928