Aspects of Poetry

Aspectsof Poetry

Discussion 1

Imagery createsmental images in a reader’s mind that help him/her interpret it.The imagery in this two poems makes the reader imagine the setting,characters, and situation in which the character is facing. In thePoem My Papa Waltz the use of metaphors makes the reader think thatthe father and his son had a good relationship., but in a real sense,it was nasty and hard. (Stanza 1) The poem Out Out creates thesetting and the mood of the poem. “..Sweet-scented when breeze drewacross it, “makes the reader feel the wind and imagine how theatmosphere. (Line 3)

Discussion 2

The setting is inthe kitchen this is seen when things start falling over the dance.The father has been working all day and passes by the bar and drinkswhich are very unusual for him. The father had some few drinks afterwork because he wanted to abuse the mother and the son, the dancesymbolizes that things are not easy in the house. (Stanza 2)

Discussion 3

The tone of humoroutlines the situation in the house where the father has anovercoming power to the son, and the mother got no say about it. Thefalling pans indicate some violence the child faces and theexperiences he had in childhood. The poem focuses on racism andclarifies that there are no significant differences apart from skintone. (Stanza 3)

Discussion 4

My three planetsare Saturn, Mars, and Pluto and when the sun undergoes the red giantphase each will be affected significantly. In case the sun starts itsred giant phase, most of its moons will become habitable, and icewill turn to water. Pluto will end up to exceed the melting point ofwater leading to formation an ocean and most weak gasses will escapefrom it. The Mars may not be highly affected. It will remain barren.Mars may escape the burning because of the position of its orbit, andit may end up joining the habitable zone at the event of sun stoppingits hydrogen burning.[CITATION Eli11 p 460-461 l 1033 ]

Discussion 5

Pluto is thefurthest and is made of ice and mountains. Venus is the hottestplanet, and it’s close to the sun. The Jupiter is the largestplanet with the most moons and is filled up with gasses.

Discussion 6

The sun will burnoff helium gasses in the Red giant phase. The Earth and Venus will beengulfed since they are close to it. Saturn will become habitual, andice will become water.

Discussion 7

Songs createimages in the listener`s mind. They bring about certain feelings andemotions to the listener. In Tayler Shift song All Too Well sheclearly shows the effects of heartbreak. The language used helps to[ CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 ]bring out the rhythm that brings themusicality of the song. .The is the use of an imagery just like inpoems brings emotional feelings“….just to break me like apromise” The simile is used to show how emotionally weak Taylerwas. ‘I am crumpled up a piece of paper lying here’ issymbolically used to show Tayler was hopeless and withdrawn fromeveryone. The word choice is very peculiar there is a shortening ofword just like in poems to bring out musicality for example “I’m.”There is of parts of speech like commas and full stops to bring outemphasis. The song has a particular shape that reflects its meaning.The song also has alliteration.

Discussion 8

The poem is freeverse and has its unique shape that the owner desired. The languagein the poem is arranged to bring out the rhythm and musicality anddoes not follow any particular order. The poem does not have anyregular meter or rhyme scheme.

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