IfI were a chef and got approached by Michael Murphy to be partisan toIfOnly, I would reject the offer because of the manner in whichIfOnly seems corrupted. The business nature of IfOnly is expensive tohandle given the expensive packages provided to dine with individualsof high status(Fort,2016).TheIfOnlysite gets run by Bauer, Murphy’s long-time boyfriendand the association of the two raises suspicion on the authenticityof the reviews offered regarding restaurants(Marx,2016).The way Murphy and Bauer handletheirbusiness portrays an element of untruthfulness since a majority ofthe clients approached fear rejecting the offer for reprisalpurposes(Marx,2016).

TheIfOnlysite receives critic from Bauer,but the individuals in restaurants are made to believe that Murphy isbehind everything. The lack of transparency concerning business byIfOnly would ultimately make me not join the site. The relationshipbetween Bauer and the restaurants that receives credit from goodreviews will slow my process in giving into the offer by Murphy. Iwould rather improve my quality than spend hugely for good reviewsthat might end up not attracting a large pool of customers.Additionally, the burden of expectations associated with IfOnly woulddiscourage any reasonable chef from joining the site according to thepublic domain perception on Murphy and Bauer operations(Marx,2016).


Achievingobjectivity from the restaurant critics is not a possible thing asexpected by readers since the guidelines restrict such endeavors. Theguidelines provided to food journalists and their employers work toensure that ethical measures get observed in the industry. Thecorrupted nature of journalism affect the honesty anticipated,and the whole criticism process gets flawed.

IfI were a restaurant owner, I would build a good relationship based onhonesty and authenticity with the influential food critics. Therelationship should always get protected to ensure survival in theindustry by avoiding bad reviews from the influential food critics.The food critics contribute a lot to the well-being of the restaurantbusiness,and I would not act in a way to decline their offers because of theircontribution in attracting more customers. The envisioning of atransparent and honest relationship will help my business skyrocketto stratospheric levels.


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