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01/11/2016 ENTRY 1

Completion of the course will open a new way of thinking, besidesenhancing my knowledge and competencies. It is a step towardsimproved thinking and articulation of ideas learned in school in amore practical manner. I believe that education is a socialprogression where one moves to a new step with higher expectations.Undertaking this course has been a revelation as it helps one reflecton issues of primary importance in the learning process. Whereas thecomposition is likely to take my personal studying time, I believethat it is still significant in my overall educational goals. Iconsider that this course will have a positive impact on my learningthrough the course objectives that nature writing skills.

Through the inventory exercise, I have acquired vital knowledge as awriter on how to pen down ideas into a readable piece. I am anaveragely good writer who can develop interesting pieces that engagethe audience. However, the inventory exercise gave me a reality checkespecially on writing habits and mini writing skills such asutilization of tenses and the use of technical telecommunicationstyles. Thus, I will participate in extensive and intensive readingto improve my mini writing skills to enhance the quality of mywriting output. In addition, I will conduct research on the best wayto improve my writing habits. This will be done by consulting notableand established authors on their technique.

01/11/2016 ENTRY 2

Errors in grammar and spelling have adverse impacts on therelationship between the writer and the target reader. Poor grammarand spelling affect the intended meaning of a particular passage orsentence. Inaccurate words choice in writing also influences theprecision and clarity. For instance, pronouns normally confuse thereaders and jeopardize the clarity of the intended meaning. Thecommon pronouns that are troublesome include this, that, these, andthose. The confusion arises since they can be used to refer toinformation used previously in an essay. At times, it is hard for thereader to connect with the timings for the message when the authoruses the wrong tense. Further, many errors and poor grammar within anarticle piece make it disinteresting to the readers, besides failingthe quality test. Bottom line, a reader relates well to a qualitymasterpiece thus a lower quality of work develops a negativecritique from the reader eventually souring the reader –writerrelationship in future works.

My main strengths include an excellent choice of words and spelling.Before completing an article, I undertake thorough check to detectand eliminate errors that affect quality and readability. Inaddition, I use transition devices in instances when I finddifficulties in identifying errors. Another significant strength isthat I use connectors often to enhance smooth flow of information andideas within the essay. Nonetheless, I have difficulties in theutilization of tenses at the right time and place with a sentence,particularly the active and passive voices. I also have challenges inidentifying the correct words to the targeted meaning due toincidences of colloquialism. Understanding technical communicationstyles is another weakness that affects the quality of writing.

01/11/2016 ENTRY 3

Social Media and Social Networking Websites and Apps

  • Flickr

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Sina Weibo

There are thousands of social media and social networking websitesand apps in the world today. The differences between the sites emergedue to the target audience, focus, and functionalities. Facebook andTwitter, for instance, allow users to connect with their friendswhere they can share information in the form of messages, images, andvideos. We recognize that people and organizations benefit fromcommunication, whether technical or not. More importantly,individuals need to understand the rules of statements when engagingin any form of speech. LinkedIn targets to network businesses andprofessionals with one another on important trade matters. Some sitesexist in the form of a website and mobile apps. The functionalitiesand terms for the social media platforms differ significantly,depending on the focus and target audience.

Thesis statement: Good social media technologies should enabletechnical communicators to collaborate, interconnect, and interacteffectively.

Technical communication encompasses relaying information in the formof engineering and scientific, among other fields. Effectivecommunication is important and necessary in the workplace as well asother places. Every day, people communicate through various mediumsincluding e-mail, video, and voice calls. Nonetheless, some of theinformation requires deeper interrogation by individuals whotechnical knowledge about the content. Technical speech isinstrumental in enhancing the realization of positive goals within anorganization. In technical vocalization, the communicators need tohave information and understanding about the objectives of theaudience.

Professionals in the technical fields use this form of communication.It is a method used to explain the technical processes and products,among others. The information can be documented in various ways suchas the web, video, and audio. In making the information clear anduseable, technical communicators help the audience in relayinginformation that is easier to understand. The advancement intechnology and communication enhances wider, faster, and efficientreach of the public. Technical communicators should not be leftbehind in adopting the new technologies to improve theirinteractions. However, not all social media platforms are appropriatefor professional communicators hence, the need to make properchoices. As such, appropriate social media sites and technologiesshould enable technical communicators to interact effectively withtheir peers. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can serve the interestsof professional communicators (Verzosa &amp Kimme, 2014).

Besides, cubing is a technique in brainstorming that examines atopic in six distinct viewpoints. Hence, it is vital to describe theissue (what it is?) then compared (what is it like or unlike?) andassociate it (what does it make you think about). Further, analyze it(what constituent parts is it made of?), apply it (how can it beused) and finally argue for it or against (how can you support oroppose it?).

01/11/2016 ENTRY 4



Faster and cheap communication platforms

Bypass rules of communication

Better interactions between communicators

Undermines privacy and security of information

Creation of innovative ideas

Availability of multiple platforms hence no standards

Enhanced networking

Some lack professional characterized in technical communication

Thesis statementsocial media platforms are vital is usedefficiently however, they have several shortcomings.

T-chart, as used above, offers two different perspectives regardingthe matter under discussion. The topic requires an appropriateexamination of the pros and cons of utilizing the social media intechnical communication. Thus, the points drawn will help thetechnical communicators to generate appropriate means to enhancecommunication through the shared media without jeopardizing theirgoals.

Besides, T-chart is also an effective way to present points to avoidrepetition and generalization of ideas. As such, a writer can exhaustall the points for ease in reading and interrogating. Presentinginformation through t-chart ensures that the author captures pointsthat best explains the thesis statement.

Recognizing the role of social media is essential. A platform enablesquick and cheap interactions between communicators. It plays asignificant role in technical telecommunication. However, keenmeasures should be administered to counter the cons of this platform.

01/11/2016 ENTRY 5

The author implements several techniques that help in identificationof target audience. Even though the essay has grammatical errors,poor sentence construction and poor use of connectors, the authorstill manages to ensure that the purpose of the article isillustrated. However, the writer fails to be clear and concise thuslowering the quality of the essay.

Besides, the piece is poorly structured as it fails to meet thenecessary requirements. The writer does not include a thesisstatement. A thesis statement is meant to inform the reader on themain point of the essay. It controls the subject matter and isessential as it offsets the mindset of the reader. An article thatlacks a strong thesis will be inadequate and does not have a focalpoint.

The draft has errors of grammar where the author shortens some wordsunnecessarily. It is appropriate to write words in full as theacceptable standards in writing. Terms such as ‘don’t’ and‘who’s’ should be written in full ‘do not’ and ‘who is’respectively. It is important for the author to consider revising thedocument and utilize the recommended rules of grammar. Removing theinappropriate word structure will improve the sentences. It will alsoenhance clarity in communicating to the reader.

The expression of the message in the sentence is weak hence affectingthe quality of the contents. The smoothness of expression can beenhanced by re-reading the draft sometimes later after preparing it.Reading aloud is also recommended to help identify errors andomissions. Appropriate usage of verb tense can assist in eliminatingincidences of abruptness.

The poor quality of the essay hinders the reader to understand thesubject matter of the article efficiently. In addition, the authorfails to state supporting evidence in the piece. Despite elaboratingthe theme precisely, the composition does not contain information tosupport it. Because the essay lacks a thesis statement, itsorganization is already dismantled. Despite the well-arrangedparagraphs, it is not easy for the reader to follow quickly as thearticle has been poorly drafted.

01/11/2016 ENTRY 6

There exist several approaches for one to use in improving writing.Compositions should reflect the ideas that the author intends tocommunicate to the audience. Brainstorming is an essential step inwriting it is well applicable whether you have an idea or manyideas. They are different strategies in brainstorming such asresearching, mapping, listing, free writing and cubing. Each of thesestrategies ensures that it details the main topics of the subjectmatter. It also enables one write all the ideas in mind beforeenumerating the ideas to write based on their strengths.

Outlining is the next step. It is prudent to consider preparing anoutline that details the main topics to improve one is writing. Anoutline acts as the reference to ensure the length and topical issuesare covered appropriately. The move allows one to exhaust the pointsbefore writing the final document. An outline also helps the writerto arrange the points depending on their strengths thus produce aquality output.

Thirdly, it is essential to prepare the first draft and put it asidebefore re-reading it later to correct the mistakes and omissions.Rough draft helps one to start to prepare approaches to eliminateerrors. The draft can be presented to another individual for scrutinyto help reduce errors. The move is instrumental in enhancing thequality of an article before submitting or releasing to the targetaudience. In preparing the drafts, one needs to understand the pointsthat can assist the writer to improve the quality of writing.

Conducting a revision of our piece is vital. This should be doneregarding topic relevance, ideas, and audience. Thus in this step,you organize the ideas in an audience-friendly manner. This stepalso involves editing. In this step, you correct the errors thatdeter the reader from understanding the piece. These errors includetenses, grammatical errors and spelling issues. One can involveexternal assistance in this step to maximize manuscript understandingand clarity.

The final step is polishing your written document or article. In thisstep, extended care should be taken to ensure the final output is amasterpiece. Since this is the last step, review the piece severaltimes and ensures it is of superb quality.

This process helps in nurturing brainstorming, outlining and revisionand editing skills in a writer. Personally, brainstorming has a veryvital role to play in coming out with a masterpiece. The learningobjectives have helped me understand better brainstorming along withoutlining and revision and editing. I believe that these threeelements can be used to distinguish a low-quality piece and amasterpiece. Ultimately, the three strategies results in the lucidityof the document, as well as clear communication and presentation ofthe ideas (Whiteman, 2013).


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