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Assignment1: Robert Herrick’s poem &quotUpon Julia`s Clothes&quot andAtwood’s poem &quotYou Fit Into Me:

RobertHerrick’s poem shows a lot of different stylistic devices and uponthem include irony. From the poem, it can be seen how the woman iswearing a lot of clothes to be doing anything steamy. However, allthat glittering seems to be making the speaker hot and botheredtherefore bring out the irony. Looking at what Julia is wearing wouldhelp us determine the setting. It is evident that she is pretty welloff considering her silk and glittering gowns. It, therefore, canrelate that to a rich world with wealthy women. At the time Englandwas known for rich women. Talking of Julia’s clothes as vibrant,glittering and liquefying shows the aspect of imagery in play.Margaret Atwood`s poem shows some levels of irony from the fact thatthese individuals were the perfect match for each other thereforeleading to entrapment and therefore sadness. Imagery can be seen fromline 3, “a like a hook into an eye” hook implying how secure therelationship was just as a hook and an eye holds clothing securely.

Assignment 2: Respond to thediscussion below. 2 sentences

Robert Herrick’s poem talks ofa seductive woman whose body and clothing are the main issue ofconcern. Atwood’s poem on the other side tries to bring out adifferent interpretation of the poem each shows a good beginning andending in tragedy.

Assignment 3: Respond to thediscussion below. 2 sentences

Thetwo poems seem different regarding intonation. Upon Julia’sClothes, there is the maintenance of the same tone while &quotYouFit Into Me” has a change of tone as it nears the end.

Assignment 4:

A black hole is caused when amassive star collapse. The characteristics involve high gravitationaleffect at the point of interest. The major features include asupernova and exploding star that blasts some part of the star intospace.

Theconcept of a black hole does not seem reasonable to me in some ways.It is said threat the development of the black hole comes with thedying of a massive star. However, there is no explanation on issuesconcerning the dying of the very star. That, therefore, makes thesituation compromising to me (Aasi,Junaid, et al 28).


The discussion talks ofASASSN-15lh regarded as the most powerful supernova in history. It isaddressed with its features explained in some different ways.


Thediscussion talks of SN1006, a supernovathat is 7000 light years from the earth.

Assignment 7:


The genre in discussion is ahorror movie. Here the viewer’s expect different types ofcharacters involving the naive, adventurers, cowards and those thatare courageous. Each of them is meant to play a role in instillingfear among the audience. A legend is usually build to help inensuring there are a plot and different character development. Thevisual looks will match the various characters and the roles theyplay in plot development. The courageous individual who often staysalive has an athletic physic that will explain his ability to dealwith the danger at hand. The character that often executes others ismostly a large figure build up ways that are out the humanexpectations. They are often victims of depression or torture orlet’s say neglect and withdrawal and therefore they are out forrevenge. The victims are often people who are seeking adventure andtherefore visit places that the killers have tried to withdrawthemselves to. The best horror movie explaining this include thewrong turn. The movies have a family of mutated individuals that tryto hide in forests, hills and abandoned estates. Through curiosityand the spirit of adventure, students and other people decide toexplore this different abandoned places. Their act, therefore, makesthem victims of torture and death from the hands of the inhabitants.However, there is always that one person that braves the fight andgoes home safe, and that is the courageous one (Blakeet al 30).

Assignment 8:

The discussion talks about actionmovies and how they help in character and plot development. Theexample of the movies stated includes Superman and Batman.

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FakeIDs in the University community

EthicalDecision Making

Currently,we have increasing case of students looking for ways to create fakeID’s so that they can indulge in some unbecoming behavior.Universities have therefore laid out procedures that help in theestablishment of standards and discouraging the possession of fakeID’s n the Universities (Stogneret al. pg 24)The main purpose as to why universities have lots of focus on theseissues include:

  1. Controlling alcohol consumption

Teensall over the country are trying by all means to get access toalcohol. They have therefore looked for any procedure that will helpthem buy and take alcohol without being supervised of stopped. Theeasiest way out in this case involves forgery of some differentdocuments that will make them look older or be some other person thatis older than their initial age. Parents and the schooladministration have this knowledge. They do all that is in theirpower to help deal with this situation. Universities, therefore,prohibit the idea of possessing is owning a fake Id with the effortof reducing the number of young individuals buying and consumingalcohol.

  1. Help keep them away from the hands of the law

Asan organization, it is their responsibility to ensure the well-beingof the students is seen through. That is why we have different groundrules when found with fake ID at the school premises as opposed tobeing found away from school. There are different types of fake idseach coming with strict punishment. We often have a falserepresentation of individuals where and individuals takes on anothercharacter. The second one has altered ID where a person’s messes upwith the day of birth or the names on the identification card.Lastly, we have situations where individuals rate identificationcards belonging to other parties pretending to be theirs so as tocarry out some illegal act. The law states that if such anindividual in caught outside the campus premises they will spendtwelve months in jail and pay fine that is normally over one thousanddollars. Most of the students, however, are taken correction centerswhere they are on probation for some time as they pay fine for theiract. The driver’s licenses may also be withheld from theseindividuals.

  1. Good moral upbringing

Apartfrom helping student gain knowledge in various areas and applyingthem to their potential places of employment, the University is alsoan avenue that helps bring up individuals with good morals. It helpsin the process of coexisting among other people with totallydifferent characters. The universities effort is to try and do awaywith fake ID’s is a move that advocates for honesty andresponsibility in all the development age of individuals. The goal isto ensure it has as many students as possible knowing how importantthese attributes help in their daily lives.

Thesethree are the important reason as to why university establishesstandards that aim at ensuring fake ids are discouraged in the schoolcommunity.


Decisionmaking is an important factor that helps in ensuring different kindsof goals are met. As a student at the University of South Californiaconsidering the basic models of ethics has helped me carry out someoperations. In places of ethical dilemmas, l run back of the modelsand use them to iron out my decision-making techniques and thereforecoming up with suitable solutions. Some of these models are seen toinvolve (Ferrelet al pg 53):

    1. Decision making must take in account and reflect a concern for the well-being and interest of all individuals.

Theprocess is associated with the golden rule. The idea comes withtreating other as you will wish to be treated. There is also the ideaof helping where you can as well as avoiding harm whenever you can.

  1. Ethical values should always be of preference to non-ethical ones

Whenfaced with a situation of coming up with some choices there is needto consider ethical values. That applies to not only what affectpeople around me but also that which affects me as an individual.Even at tough situations where l do not stand to gain should have theprocess still well brought out in my life as a student at theUniversity.

  1. Violate an ethical principle that when it helps in the development of another ethical principle

Thereare some events when you ought to prioritize an ethical concept toanother depending on the convenience of time and place at hand. Theact should involve traits that will bring about the biggest amountsof good as opposed to other different factors. The viable option,however, requires a sacrifice one viable option to the other.

Themodels have played a significant role in my life at the universitythrough ensuring l look at this from a wide scope. The informationwill involve being straight forward in my life as a student. Throughthe establishment of the golden rule, l can stay discipline in bothmy life at the campus and my education, therefore, putting up goodgrades. Proper leadership qualities also come up when consideringethical values against non-ethical ones from the all that is broughtout by the second model. Through looking into the models can set mypriorities straight, therefore, improvement of my decision-makingprocesses in making life decisions.

Roleof ethics

Ethicshelps in coming up with different factors that will prove helpful insome different ways. The process involves the association of the veryimpact, as well as the impact, develops over time. Currently, ethicsplays a significant role in some respects (Yangpg 45).The various roles of ethics include:

Helpme stay discipline

Consideringvarious ethical models that help with the decision-making process, itis evident how much improvement l have developed concerningdiscipline. Standing for the truth no matter the implication with thesatisfaction of the great of good is just a manifestation of thediscipline addressed.

Forfuture purposes through ethics, there is ease in leadership positionswithin various sectors. Through disciple and hard work, ethics wouldhelp model me into a better leader. Since l study procurement thereis need to have proper understanding and decision-making techniqueseven in times of pressure. Ethical decision making helps one masterthe art of staying focused and make decisions even if we have twoethical virtues you need to pick from. Through this, it is evidentthe role of ethics in my life.

Incidentsevaluation to the campus culture.

Eachand every campus has students adopting behaviors that they initiallyfound at the institution. Students pass down these straights andtherefore leaving the same traits with different students. In a casewhere there are fake IDs, these students will carry on the practiceover time no matter how strict the rules will be. In a case thatstudents have a proper ethical education they tend to carrythemselves with discipline around the university.

University`spractices to promote a safe environment

Theuniversity management board has put out different ways to deal withthe issues that will bring a safe environment and encourage studentsto make safe choices. The program involves having a compulsory uniton ethics on help some individual gains some knowledge on how toconduct themselves around and away from the school. Differentdepartments are also allocated days that they are addressed to bymotivational speakers and therefore boosting their focus to goalattainment procedure. The process has proven effective from the factthat there are records of improved performance as well as maintenanceof high levels of discipline in the school community.

Inconclusion, we can see that university life is one that is composedof a lot of challenges. The process stands for the different waystrough which one is influenced and the sacrifices what they need tomake decisions from an ethical stand point and therefore getting tomeet there goals.


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