Ilive in a small village known as Nirankari Colony, which is one ofthe slums in India in Delhi. The area has an increasingly largepopulation, and it is one of the most dangerous places in India. Ourneighborhood had the highest number of crime committed in the wholeof India. My father had a small tax and accounting business that heused to support our family financially since he was the breadwinnerof the household. He died later, and this was the greatest blow thatever hit me because he was the one supporting me financially with myeducation. I studied in Delhi until 6th grade where I graduated asthe only student out of the 60 students. I later finished my studiesin the United States with a degree in bachelor of law where Igraduated with Juris Directorate.

Principlesand values are catalysts that play a significant role in enhancingsuccess in an individual’s life. Some of the most importantprinciples in my life include: righteousness, respecting the rightsof the people, having integrity, equality and adhering to the law.These are what guided me towards the path of victory and gave me theability to interact well with the people that were part of my lifesince I was a child. They have enabled me to be familiar with what isright and what is wrong thus making me attain each of my goals.Besides these principles, the value that outdoes the rest is havingthe belief in God or rather a connection to any religiousinstitution. Having God by your side always in life is an assurancethat everything is a possible matter the kind of hardship one passesthrough (Olney, 2014). All these principles have enabled me tobalance between work and a healthy life.

Differentstrengths have brought out the best of me hence making me achieve mygoals in life with ease. Ambition has been part of me since childhoodregardless of the situations I get myself. I have had the capabilityof upholding my focus on improving the things that are helpful in mylife such as finishing my education and getting a job so that I helpother people who are needy in the society. I am a risk taker in life.This has helped me overcome the innate responses to anxiety and beingable to face each situation that I encounter in life. My otherstrength is the ability to uphold my integrity, which is an essentialaspect of my life considering my Law career which requires anindividual who would not compromise his integrity for any reasons.

Despitehaving different strengths, I also have weaknesses that I try toconquer every day so that they don’t hinder me from beingvictorious. One of my major shortcomings is setting goals that havegot specific deadlines without figuring a way of achieving themwithin the specific time limit that I set. Sometimes I end up failingin my tasks even though I am capable of passing only because of thetime factor. As a result, I may end up being depressed, and it maytake time before I set another goal. Also, attending meetings whichare not in my schedule continuously wastes my time that I could useelsewhere in attaining a particular objective in life. Moreover,change is also another huge weakness that appears hard to cope withto me especially when it happens abruptly because I do plan for eachand everything. So when there is the change I find it hard toovercome the variation that tends to occur despite the fact that I ama risk taker. No one is perfect in life, but some plans have been putdown to help me overcome these weaknesses.

Changeis inevitable in life, and this means that no matter what happens inmy life at this stage, I will certainly come up with solutions to thechallenges that I face. No one can be perfect in everything, so Idon’t regard myself as a failure but rather a success due to whatGod has made me achieve in life. God has forced me to overcomedifficult life situations, and if not for his love then I would nothave accomplished my achievements. I participated in running and alsovolunteered in the much charitable organization in which included theBharat Scouts and Guides, the State provision scheme, the road safetypatrol, and the Indian Red Cross Society (Olney, 2014).

Iwas the winner of the yoga championship when I was still a youth. Being part of the team that helped in fixing the issues concerningtaxes, and the capital that is in connection with GAAP and theinternational financial reporting standards (IFRS) is part of myachievements. Additionally, I worked with the Department of Revenuein Washington as a Revenue Auditor.

Inthe next five years, I want to have completed my LLM masters in lawso that I can analyze the code and understand it better inpreparation to give my clients the best results when dealing withtheir case. Also, the sole purpose of this is to make sure that I usemy skills and knowledge to benefit the people in my local community(Olney, 2014). I also want to be part of the individuals who providethe country with tax assessment which explain the violations and theimplications of the future.

Aftercompleting my Masters in Law, one of the first things I wouldconsider is establishing my law firm which would be very helpful tothe society around. Personally, in the next five years, I want tohave a family a beautiful wife and three kids, two boys and onegirl. The family is of great importance because it is part of Godswill to ensure that there is a continuation of life. It is alsonecessary for the purpose of the continuing the lineage of my family.

Inlife, there are so many battles that one must fight to achieve thedifferent goals that we set. With this challenges, it onlystrengthens us if not only we do not give up so easily. Concisely,all this are possible when we have faith and trust in God. Theprinciples and values are there to guide us so that we can know ourboundaries in life. They help protect us not to go astray from whatwe believe. When we go against these values, it means that we are noton the path of success and righteousness.


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