Autonomy&nbspisthe ability todecide&nbspindependently,oblige to one’s foundation of emotional strength, and to manageone’s tasks without relying on others for support orcoercion.It is a vital developmental obligation of&nbspadolescence.The personality,developmental, and clinical psychologists have autonomy as a symbolof healthy functioning and growth(Benson&amp Voller, 2013).Beingan autonomous person implies seeking people’s opinions, but notallowing one’s decision to be dictated by others.

Ihave realized that sometimes the decisions I make depend on thosearound me. This is because they make me have less control(Stanghellini&amp Rosfort, 2013).For instance, while at home, I lower my autonomy to avoid conflictswith my parents. My mother makes me feel less in control of mydecisions than my peers. She has an independent personality likemine. Therefore, conflict can arise if both of us decide to manifestour autonomy. To respect her, I lower my control of decision making.

Somepeople are good at empowering others. This gives the empowered asense of love. Consequently, one will be able to be in control oftheir decisions through improved levels of autonomy. Those whoempower others are different because they portray notable acts ofkindness(Benson&amp Voller, 2013).Through this, they get to curb their ego and realize the bestfeatures within themselves, that is, empowering others enables one toempower themselves.

Itis true that sometimes I take away my sense of autonomy. This is whenI fail to be comfortable with my company and decisions. Hence, I seekan outside force to complete me. This makes me feel less autonomous.Nonetheless, is not apparent when makingromantic relationship decisions because the two are completeindividuals with the ability to decide regardless of their partner’sview(Stanghellini&amp Rosfort, 2013).Each of the partners should realize that their counterpart has thefreedom to choose what they like.

Inconclusion, being an autonomous person implies seeking people’sopinions. Sometimes it is good for people to lower their autonomy toavoid conflicts, especially in romantic relationships. However, itdoes not mean allowing one’s decision to be dictated by others.


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