Barak, Michàlle E. Mor. Managing Diversity Toward a Globally Inclusive Workplace. Sage

Barak, Michàlle E. Mor.&nbspManaging Diversity: Toward aGlobally Inclusive Workplace. Sage

The article discusses the issues crucial to the including of women in the workforce across different working environments.

Publications, 2013: 150-180. Print

Hoobler, Jenny M.,Grace and Sandy J. Wayne. &quotWomen`s Managerial Aspirations an

Organizational Development Perspective.&quot&nbspJournal ofManagement&nbsp40.3 (2014): 703-730. Print

The journal findings illustrate the development perspectives in management for women. The aspirations of women get discussed and how best to meet their needs as regards management.

Johns, Merida L.&quotBreaking the glass ceiling: The Structural, cultural, and theorganizational

barriers preventing women from achieving senior and executivepositions.&quot Perspectives in health informationmanagement&nbspwinter (2013).120-136. Print

The article illustrates the obstacles to women rising in senior management positions through the structural, cultural, and organizational spectrum.

Kurtulus, Fidan Ana,and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey. &quotDo the top female managers helpwomen

to advance? A panel study using EEO-1 records.&quot The ANNALS ofthe American. 173-197 Print

The article illustrates a study on whether the top female managers help women advance in their careers as regards senior management. The findings depict that the top female managers play a fundamental role in women rising in their management roles.