Bill Gates is Responsible for the Development of the Zika Virus

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BillGates is Responsible for the Development of the Zika Virus

DanielBarker, in his article, “WhyBill Gates is being blamed for the Zika virus,”contends that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is responsiblefor &quotthe rapid spread of a once rare disease,” the Zika virus(Barker).As I started reading about the Zika virus and how it affects pregnantmothers and children, I developed an interest in learning about itsorigins. Daniel’s article offered me significant insights into theorigins of the virus and the population that it affects. The writingexpressly mentions the organization behind the rapid spread of thedisease and the statistics of the population that is mostly affectedby the ailment. Additionally, the title of the piece delivers itspromise accurately, “WhyBill Gates is being blamed for the Zika virus”(Barker).

AsI studied the piece, I could not help but wonder why the foundationreleased such a risky ailment into the environment. I consistentlyasked myself why the organization acted in such a manner because ithad full knowledge of the potential effect of the virus on themasses. One reflection that came to my mind was the issue ofprofiting from the development of an antidote to cure the infection.A vaccine for a virus that affects such a huge number of people wouldattract many sponsors and financial backing from philanthropicorganizations. I believe that Barker`s piece contextualized thisissue relatively well. He says that the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation is responsible for “the rapid spread of a once raredisease” (Barker).

Barkeralso discusses the population that has been affected by the diseasein detail. He writes that Brazil is the country that is hardest hitby the ailment. According to Daniel, &quot18 out the 26 states inBrazil&quot have been affected by the Zika virus (Barker).The writer’s assertions make sense because he gives an account ofhow genetically modified mosquitoes were used to fight the spread ofyellow fever, dengue fever, Chikungunya, and the Zika virus inBrazil. Barker also proceeds to assert that very few controls wereput in place to ensure that the mosquitoes that were released intothe wild did not result in the spread of the diseases mentionedbeforehand. Daniel, therefore, concludes that there is no way ofdisputing the fact that the genetically modified mosquitoes were theprimary cause of the spread of the Zika virus.

Theabove quotations captured my attention because they highlighted theorigins of the Zika virus. Daniel’s allegation that &quotthe rapidspread of a once rare disease,&quot was the result of the Bill andMelinda Gates Foundation in attempting to produce geneticallymodified mosquitoes to combat the Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue, andYellow fevers underpin the central aim of his writing (Barker).Although the writer admits that no evidence points to the foundation,his claims are relatively substantial. A reasonable person cannotfail to make a connection that links the organization to the virus.These allegations are backed by his assertion that “18 out the 26states in Brazil” have been affected by the Zika virus (Barker).The author`s ability to articulate his viewpoints precisely andwithout bias makes his piece easy to understand, even for a personthat is not well versed in the issues that concern the development ofthe Zika virus.


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