Bracketing Exercise


Experience# 1: Grounded Theory Research

Thelocation where I am going to observe social behavior is in theschool’s cafeteria at lunch hour. The time is when the highestpopulation of the students are found at the same place during theday.


Iexpect to find a quiet room since the students will all be busy ontheir mobile phones or other devices that can access the Internet.The conversation will be minimal even among a group of friends. Fewof the students will have their full concentration on the actualeating process. I also expect to see different dressing styles thatare similar to a group of friends compared to a different group. Thefashion will be bright with graphic displays of various quotes ornames of celebrities. The entire setting will be casual and studentswill be sitting in a relaxed position while eating or accessing theirdevices. I also think that I will see several students withheadphones on their heads listening to music.

Assumptionsand beliefs

Iassume that in this age, the young generation has been taken over bytechnology. They ignore the people around them and prefer socializingvia online platforms. I believe that technology has connected peoplefrom across the world, but it has also hindered interpersonalrelationships. These students will be dressed in a similar manner totheir friends due to the influence that peers have on a person ofthat age. They are likely to ape their companions so that they appear“cool” to fit in. Their fashion sense is attributed to thematerial they receive online. Such individuals like to maintain theirwardrobe in relation to the latest clothes and shoes. Most of themlove keeping up with the fashion to appear superior or more advanced.They are attracted to the superficial qualities and not thecharacteristics of an individual.


Thecafeteria is a buzz of activity. Many of the students have theirdevices on hand or nearby, but many are still managing to communicatewith their peers. The students are keen on taking photographs of thefood they have on their plate rather than eat it. I noted that mostof the students were conversing about things they saw online fromtheir devices. Their fashion sense was as I had assumed. Closefriends had the same type of clothes and most of them showed variouscolorful patterns and designs.


Iexpected to find a silent establishment. However, people were stillable to communicate physically. The expectation that I had was,therefore, inaccurate. The expectation of food being neglected wascorrect since very few students were eating. The manner of dressingwas as I had expected, hence, in this aspect I was accurate.


Theobservations that I recorded were on par with my beliefs. Technologyhas destroyed interpersonal relationships. Even though the subjectsthat I observed were talking to each other, their topics were basedon abstract things and not what was going on in their lives. The mainthematic finding was that socializing had drastically changed inrecent times. Biases can give inaccurate expectations for a study. Aresearcher may go into the field with set outcomes and neglectobserving some crucial aspects that may affect the result of thestudy.

Experience# 2: Phenomenological Interview

Thephenomenon that is assessed in this section is the first time I saw apatient succumb to illness while on duty.


Theevent was extremely sad. I had known the patient for a few weeks, andhis condition was critical. Even though the treatment was notworking, I continued to believe that the patient will recover. Afterhe had passed away, I began to realize how there are times whenhealth professionals may face situations where they were powerless. Istarted to feel despair since I had gone into the field of medicineto preserve life. The notion that there were times that I might failto do so never crossed my mind. I was distraught for several daysthinking that my life’s purpose was a mistake. However, after Itook some time to think things through, I started to realize that Iwas over thinking the situation. People pass away on a daily basisand most of the time nobody can help. This experience made me believethat caring for the sick involves a strong will to go on if facedwith a setback. My assumptions that the patient would get betterbecause I believed in the power of modern medicine were, thusinaccurate. I resolved to make sure that I will save the lives ofmany people as I can and if some die and I could not help, I willhave to brave on.


Myfriend had also experienced the death of the same patient. I wasbeginning to assess her general demeanour as I started asking her thebasic questions. In her situation, it was not the first time that shesaw someone pass away while in her care. Therefore, she did notassume that he might recover, but she only made his last moments ascomfortable as possible. I asked her how she felt during thosemoments when she was watching the patient on his last days. Sheadmitted that it was very heart wrenching to watch him slowly die andshe could not do anything. In her own words, she said that the worstpart had to keep a cheerful face when talking with the person and yeton the inside, she had felt like crying. However, she said that afterthe patient died, she quickly pulled herself together and went onwith her duties. The experience was not as emotional for her as shequickly bounced back to care for other patients.


Whilein my case I had hoped for the recovery of the patient, my friend wasless optimistic as she had already been through a similar experience.While she quickly got over the incident, I spent time assessing mycareer choice and the power death had over life. We both hademotional reactions during that experience, my friend found it easierto adjust than I did solely due to the fact that it was my firsttime. The theme in this exercise was the actualization of how attimes medical personnel can fail to cure a sick person, especiallyafter doing everything they can. Biases from my experience would havemade me turn the interview in a way that the responses my friend gavewould be similar to mine. By doing so, I would have gotten inaccuratefindings since the answers that my friend gave would not be her own,but would be my responses.