DonaldTrump has been elected President of the United States. The businesstycoon stunned America and the world by defeating Hillary Clinton inthe race for the White House. The Republican nominee clinched thepresidency early Wednesday after he captured Wisconsin`s tenelectoral votes which put him above the 270 electoral vote thresholdneeded to win the elections out of 558 Electoral College votes.Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee, managed 218 of the electoralvotes. The billionaire is now the 45thpresident of The United States after defying pre-election polls byclaiming the swing states, winning key votes in Florida,Pennsylvania, and Ohio. As tallying continued late into the night,Trump had won in 28 states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia,Hawaii, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Arizona, Arkansas, and NorthCarolina while Clinton managed to take the winning votes in 18 statesincluding Massachusetts, Illinois, District of Columbia, Connecticut,Colorado, California and New York. Trump’s win has ended eightyears of Democratic rule and sent America on a new path.

HillaryClinton called Trump to concede defeat and congratulate him. Thepresident-elect took to the stage with his family for his victoryspeech rally in New York, where he praised Clinton for &quotexceptionalservice to this nation and a spirited campaign,&quot and vowed towork together with all Americans including the Democrats to makeAmerica great. Around the world, there have been varied reactionsfollowing the business mogul`s shock win. Global markets fell, andstocks in Wall Street traded at a low. Asian stock markets also fellconsiderably. Pundits have likened Trump`s victory to Brexit, arguingthat white Americans gave him the victory because of similar concernswith Brexit.

Thepresident-elect will replace Barrack Obama at the White House andwill be sworn in on January 20.