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Communication isan important determinant of business success. As such, there is aspecific tone that should be portrayed by all firms in the quest tocommunicate effectively with their target market. Business writingincorporates the essential language structure that is deemed to beeffective in the business environment. This paper will analyze twoconcepts namely business writing and promotional language in pressrelease. It will discuss the unique features of each of the twovariables in business communication.

Business Writing

Nikolaenko (2008)provides an in-depth analysis of the languages used in business. Thebook covers a wide range of factors that should be taken intoconsideration when communicating with potential customers orinvestors (Nikolaenko, 2008). In his article, he covers a series ofsubjects in the business language such as business etiquettes and thedevelopment of successful presentations. He argues that ethicalconduct is one of the core factors in developing communicationstructures (Nikolaenko, 2008).

As such, firmsacross the board should draw up effective strategies to ensureadherence to the ethical standards. When discussing the values ofbusinesses, it is necessary to integrate the concept of corporatesocial responsibility (CSR). Based on these factors, communicationstrategies in a business organization should reflect the coherentpolicies and codes of conducts that are associated with acorporation. Not only is the information meant to offer particularcommunication, but it should also reflect the ethical standards ofbusiness.

Promotional Language in Press Release

Catenaccio (2008)defines a press release as a piece of writing provided by companiesto communicate newsworthy information to various targets. These caninclude the journalistic community and the general public(Catenaccio, 2008). Some of the avenues used to provide pressreleases include newspaper reporting and corporate websites. Eventhough the communication is meant to be formative, it is alsoutilized for self-promotional purposes (Catenaccio, 2008).

Paola Catenaccioprovided an analysis that explored the generic characteristics of thepress releases (Catenaccio, 2008). In the study, the major focus wason the codification of the communicative purposes and receiver rolesthat differentiate the press releases from other genres of business(Catenaccio, 2008). Some of the earlier works that were integratedinto the study included Bhatia’s work on the genre as well asJacob’s preformulating features. It was concluded that the pressrelease was a form of a hybrid informative-promotional continuum(Catenaccio, 2008). As such, it was necessary to determine theperipheral textual features to ensure effective communication(Catenaccio, 2008).


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