Business model canvas 4

Businessmodel canvas 4


PartI: Key activities

PepsiCois a multinational corporation that operates in the food and beverageindustry. For a long time, the organization has been dealing withcarbonated drinks whose demand has been on the decline as a result ofnutrition selection. In an attempt to solve this problem, the companyis considering producing non-carbonated drinks to take care of theaffected customer segments. Some of these unsweetened bundles ofproducts include Pepsi diet, bottled water, and Tropicana fruitjuices among others (Pinson,2014).Some of the principal activities that will be employed in theprocesses of production, marketing, distribution, and sale of thecorporation`s value proposition include:

  1. Concentrate Manufacturing

  2. Bottling and canning

  3. Determination of distribution routes and channels

  4. Advertising

  5. Personal selling

  6. Obtaining feedback and taking corrective actions

PartII: Key resources

Theactivities listed in part one above only comprises of the majorprocesses. However, bracketed in these activities are other minorprocedures that require physical, financial, intellectual and humanresources. In most cases, resources utilized in one operation aresimilar to those employed in another. The only differ in amount,technicality, and the utilization rate. Some of these resourcesrequired in the production of non-carbonated drinks include rawmaterials such as water, labor, machinery, capital and land on whichthe firm is built. Other resources of considerable importance includemarketing and advertising resources, time, technology and managerialresources (Bailey,2014).


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