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Business,Financial, and People Outcomes

Theoperational objectives of daily billing and invoicing revolve aroundensuring normal business operations flow smoothly. The reason forthis is that day-day business operations require finances, which comefrom payments made through bills. According to Weissand Miller(2015), daily billing and invoicing play a major role in trackingfinances for running a business.

Thefinancial objectives of billing and invoicing on a daily basis centeron making adjustments to the faulty tracking of finances thatsustains a business. According to Weissand Miller(2015), career billing and invoicing professionals have a sole dutyof ensuring timesheet accuracy of revenues and expenditures made inthe form of payments.

Thepeople outcomes of billing and invoicing center on minimizingcomplaints by clients. Customer complaints need timely responsessince they are the force behind the success of any businessestablishment.

Whathas Gone Well and What Could become Better in Future

Inthe three objective categories, a reduction in the billing cycle isamong the aspects that have gone well. Among those that could havegone better is support from executive business managers who may notunderstand the intricacies involved in billing and invoicing.Therefore, this indicates the need for future improvement inactitivities that need billing and invoicing.


Thedemonstration of values and beliefs has become evident throughcontinuous efforts by billing professionals to serve clients. Forexample, these experts have developed proactive mechanisms forsolving clients’ complaints on errant and untimely invoices.Therefore, this has facilitated the process of making adjustments(Weiss&amp Miller, 2015).

Whathas Gone Well and What Could become Better in Future

Whathas gone well on the values and beliefs that career billing andinvoicing professionals hold is their respect for trust andcooperation. For future operations, one aspect that needs improvementis time. It is important for businesses to make payments to theirclients on time. Such moves cultivate trust among customers.


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