Career Paper about Electrical Engineer


My Career Choice

After careful analysis of my passion, researchinto different careers, and advice from family, I intend to be anelectrical engineer. The professional is responsible for designing,developing, installing, testing, monitoring, and maintainingelectrical systems and products (Sullivan, 2012). While performingday-to-day duties, an electrical engineer needs a number of differentskills. These include computer competence, which enables the engineerto analyze computer-generated models, management skills that allowhim to supervise and organize his subordinates, and interpersonalqualities for proper communication and interaction with the differentpeople under his supervision. Apart from these general skills, Dorr(2014) asserts that an electric engineer requires specific expertisesuch as knowledge of electrical systems, capacity to troubleshootelectronics, and ability to test and design electrical components.

Besides skills, an electrical engineer needsexperience in his field. The knowledge provides the professionalwith sufficient acquaintance and techniques to perform differenttasks that he may encounter. A typical electrical engineer degree isusually designed to last four years. Further experience in the fieldcan be gained through internship and volunteer work. Dorr (2014) isof the opinion that is imperative that an electrical engineer assufficient knowledge and experience of energy systems beforebranching out on his own. A career in electrical engineering is verylucrative with many organizations advertising vacancies. Today, someof the top organizations offering jobs to electrical engineersinclude Apple Inc., and Alphabet Inc. (Google). The average annualsalary of an entry-level electrical engineer, in the United States,ranges between $61557 and $72434 (Salarycom, 2016).

Electrical engineering is not a very popularcareer choice. According to a report in the (2016),electrical and electronic engineers held approximately 315900 jobs asof 2014. With the accelerated growth in technology, it is evidentthat more electrical engineers are required in order to cater to therising need of electric and electronic engineers. The need forelectrical engineers is not confined to specific regions only. Manycountries in the world are currently in need of the technicians(EECS, 2015). This is particularly true for nations like Japan,China, South Korea, the USA, Germany, and the UK, which are among theleading manufacturers of electronics and electrical components in theworld. Electrical engineering is a model career because it not onlyoffers the chance to advance in a corporate ladder, but it alsoempowers individuals to open their own companies and firms. Aprofessional can open his own firm, which can take electricalcontacts and projects. Other electrical engineers also have thecapacity to open and run companies that manufacture electricalcomponents.

Steps To attain My Career of Choice

In order to become an electrical engineer, I haveset a fifteen-year career plan. To begin with, my first four yearswill be spent in school where I intend to attain a degree inelectrical engineering. According to the (2016), theestimated average tuition, for a four-year college program inelectrical, electronic, and communication engineering, is $115,096.Similarly, I expect to pay a tuition fee of approximately $115,000during my time at San Jacinto College. I expect to finance it usinggrants and student loans, which are readily available in manycolleges in America. The college education will provide me with thebasic skills to commence a job in the electric and electronicindustry. In addition, it would provide me with the necessarydocuments required to be hired as an intern or full-time employee inthe relevant companies.

My plan after the four years of college educationis to take one year and join an internship program. In America, thereare many practicum opportunities for electrical engineer graduates. Alook at the job advertisement site shows that internshipopportunities for electrical engineers are available. Figure 1 belowshows a list of internship advertisement for electrical andelectronic engineers posted at the purpose of taking aninternship job will be to ensure that I can gain the necessary skillsand knowledge to perform at jobs of the highest level.

Figure1: Internship Opportunities at

After a year of internship, I will seek work atone of the industry leaders in electric and electronic companies.Potential leader firms that could provide employment include AlphabetInc., Apple Inc., and Microsoft. While getting opportunities at thesecompanies may be difficult, my plan is to work hard and attempt towork with one of these industry leaders. My contingency plan, in caseI fail to get a job with the industry leader, is to find a reputableelectrical engineering company and work for them for a period of tenyears. During my ten years at work, I intend to rise the corporateladder and reach the highest possible level before I can resign andopen my own electrical engineering firm. My advantage to becoming anelectrical engineer lies in the fact that I have several friendsworking in the field. Their advice is that a career in electricalengineering is challenging owing to the technicality of the job.However, my friends believe that hard work and dedication wouldassist me in achieving my goals. With this in mind, I intend to pushmyself to the limits in a bid to be a successful electrical engineeras well as achieve my fifteen-year career plan.

Future Plans

Based on my knowledge, talents, skills, andacademic performance, I believe I have the necessary attributes to bea success as an electrical engineer. I have good communicationskills. Therefore, I can effectively communicate and interact withmulticultural people in spoken, written, and nonverbal manner. Thisis possible because I am a good listener and a thoughtful thinker.Apart from being a good communicator, I also have a positive attitudetowards work and the people around me. I approach all tasks withoptimism and ensure my team is also positive about the same. Myextrovert nature has also allowed me to have good interpersonalskills, as I tend to include and appreciate the input of other peoplein my daily routine. I demonstrate a high capacity to cooperate andopen-mindedness, which fosters team spirit and togetherness at work.

My values such as strong ethical orientation,accountability, adaptability, integrity, and competence are bound toassist me in getting a good job and rising through the corporateladder. Besides these values, other personal values such ascompassion, humility, and fairness are likely to play an importantrole in helping me build a network of people who can assist me when Istart my electrical engineering firm. I believe that my passion forelectronics and electrical equipment will assist me in achievingcareer satisfaction. However, it is my opinion that my career as anelectrical engineer will be fulfilling only if I achieve my goal ofopening my own firm.

Even though the beginner’s salary for anelectrical engineer is decent, I believe that the salary may not besufficient to cater for the rising cost of living in the UnitedStates. A starting salary of $50,000 is sufficient for an individualwithout a family. However, it is insufficient for an individual witha family, who intends to pay school fees, mortgages, car loans,student loans, and have some savings. For this reason, I hope to risethe corporate ladder as fast as possible and increase my earningpotential. Furthermore, my intention to open my own firm is astrategy for increasing my income in order to allow me to livecomfortably.

I hope my good management skills will enable me torun the firm effectively and efficiently. I not only have thecapacity to supervise and organize people, but I also possess theability to delegate duties and ensure that they are done according tothe specifications. The ability to delegate, organizes, and supervisestem from my knowledge of team management. Matching appropriateindividuals with their respective tasks and explaining their role andoutcomes expected from their work is the basis of good managementskills. Apart from being good at organizing, delegation, andsupervision, I am also good at team motivation, communication, anddiscipline. These attributes ensure that I can deliver the rightmessage and ensure the team works to its capacity. With theseskills, coupled with my knowledge of electrical engineering I believeI can run a firm that provides sufficient income to live comfortably.

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