Case Study on Top 10 Young Killers by Mirian Calin

NameProfessorCourseDateCase Study on Top 10 YoungKillers by MirianCalin

Tenincidences of killings have been identified in this article as thename goes. However, three of them are as summarized below

Atonly the age of 13 years, Eric Smith succumbed to bullying due to histhick glasses, his hair that were long and red and also elongated andprotruding ears. The effects here from Smith could be as result ofthe medicine’s effect (Robin8)that his mother was ever taking during her pregnancy times as shesought for to treat the epilepsy. Smith found himself being chargedby the police for killing a young boy where Smith himself failed injustifying why he took the actions.

JoshuaPhilips, while at the age of only 14 years, committed the murder ofan 8 year old, Maddie who was his neighbor. Maddie went missing forseven days only to be found dead after being killed by Joshua throughelectrocution. Joshua’s mother was the person who found Maddiestuck on the electric wire.

Stinneyfound himself being exonerated in December 2014 following hisconfession that was established to be coerced and his plea that hegot wrongful conviction minus being given fair trial.Inthe year 1944, at only age 14, the US executed Stinney, thereentering the books of history as the youngest person to be executedin the country in 20thCentury. Stinney was responsible for killing of two girls, Betty at11years and Thames at only 8 years. All these girls were later foundin a muddy hole.

Severalfactors exist that may help in the explanation of the roots of thejuvenile’s delinquent behavior. One of these factors is the insufficient education. Unlearnedchildren will resort into criminal activities because of their badbehaviors due to lack of education while others will engage in thesame for economic sustenance as they mature. Another factor is thepeer pressure factor(Robin 10).Youngchildren will tend to copy what their peers do despite the act beingdetrimental to their lives since they also believe it is their rightto be engaged in such activities. In the end, they find themselvesbeing involved in delinquency behaviors.Finally, the other factor is the effect of drug abuse. Those kidsthat are under the influence of drugs have poor reasoning andimagination of things. Consequently, they are likely to engage indelinquent behaviors.

Bio-Socialand Trait Theoriesis very much significance since offers the trustworthy and thosetheories that are reliable in understanding the motives thatjuveniles have in their minds. One of these theories that canexplain the juveniles’ behaviors as in the case study of the TopYoung Killers by Mirian Calin is the Biological Theory(Robin 12).Thetheory gives the consideration of the delinquent behaviors as thosepredisposed and also rotating on the basis that children arecriminals right from their birth period. The other theory is theSocial Disorganization is where states the community undertakes thereduction of the likelihood in the children’s advancement.

Inrelation to the case study on Top Young Killers by Mirian Calin, theappropriate strategy that would lead to the prevention of thedelinquency would be the provision of opportunities to the childrenand the youth(Robyn 14).When the youth and the children, are provided with opportunities,they end up developing positives behaviors thus not indulging incrimes and violence.


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