Cause Effect Essay Job Loss

CauseEffect Essay: Job Loss

CauseEffect Essay: Job Loss

Job loss is common, and it canhappen to any employee. The main aim of organizations is to makeprofits, and when it turns out to be losses, the management may beprompted to investigate the cause. If they realize that it is due toincompetent employees, then legal procedures may follow, includingredundancy. In some instances, an employee may lose his or her jobbecause of circumstances that are beyond their control (Norris,2016). In any case of job loss, the affected individuals must alwaysexperience the effects of unemployment.


Lackof integrity and confidentiality as well as providing false details

Honesty andstraightforwardness are important virtues in maintaining competency.However, this does not allow anyone to leak any information regardingthe company. An organization’s proprietary information shouldalways be kept safe. Employees risk getting dismissed if they sharethe details of projects and profits of the company to the outsiders.Similarly, trademarked or copyright materials must be treated asprivate matters and need to be kept confidentially. If a staff memberuser an organization`s material for personal benefits, then he or shemay end up being discharged. The same way, the use of officeequipment for personal needs is a contravention of principles(Norris, 2016). Even after being employed, employers may still beprompted to check employees’ details to confirm if they are reallyup to their standards. In case one is detected to have noted liesregarding their skills, he or she may be given a chance forsubstantiation, and if they fail, it becomes the cause of theirredundancy. It also applies to matters regarding the previousemployer. If the company is purported to have been closed down, anemployee is made to prove through documentation. Similarly, manycompanies review referees and one stands a chance of being made outof work if deceit is detected. As a norm, no employer expectsemployees to be perfect, but they only desire the workforce toperform (Norris, 2016). Inability to complete assigned duties yet oneindicated on the resume that they were capable is a legal offense asit can cause losses.

Inconsistencyand unreliability

Consistency in behaviors andproductivity is required from an employee so that the company canmake profits. Irregularity and not contributing much to the successof the enterprise is a factor that may get one terminated from thecareer. Besides, a staff member must never reflect bad mood on thejob. One needs to be jovial in the place of work so as to remainproductive. Employees should be consistent as from the time ofreporting to when they leave the organizational premises. Equally,high rates of absenteeism may mean that a staff member is notdependable. Companies have working hours and authorized time forbreaks. It is not advisable for one to take time off frequentlybecause the performance levels may go down. Working slowly and notbeing able to beat the deadline is equally a show of incompetency.Some employees believe that working for extended hours will make themlook focused and this is not always the case (Norris, 2016). Anemployer expects workers to keep themselves updated with the latesttrends in the field as it increases productivity within the company.

Unethicalbehaviors and reasons that one has no control over

An employee might be a lonerwith poor social skills, but he or she must still work together andconverse with coworkers. Counterproductive behaviors associated withpoor interactive skills include sleeping around at the workplace andexcessive telephone conversation. In addition, it is inappropriatefor one to be in a romantic relationship with a colleague as it makesthe involved individuals to resort to their private affairs ratherthan being productive. Indecent dressing and not changing when warnedis equally never allowed by any organization that desires to perform.An employee should stick to the dressing code of the organization andmust be presentable while at the place of work. Anothercounterproductive behavior is idling and talking unnecessarily tocoworkers. To avoid this, one can save the talks for lunch breaks. Anemployer expects to pay for work to be done and laziness during workcan get one dismissed (Norris, 2016). An unconditional case of beingrendered jobless is when an organization cannot meet the budgetdemands. It is a natural process of a company. Also, a firm may beforced to lay-off some of its employees if it is only making lossesand is unable to pay all of them. When the job one was initiallyhired for no longer exists, then there are chances of being renderedjobless. For example, when one is employed to construct a road andthe task comes to an end, the firm may be involuntarily forced toimplement redundancy. If the business is closing down, moving toanother location, or during mergers, many employees stand a chance oflosing their jobs. Long term illness can make one be relieved ofduties (Norris, 2016). Moreover, one may end up being fired if he orshe takes time off work for an extended period.

Effectsof job loss

First, a redundant individualmay suffer severe mental problems. After losing a job, one can sufferdepression and low self-esteem. Due to frustrations, people may optto do drugs and indulge in other behaviors that may furtherdeteriorate their health. More importantly, the effect of firing aperson who does drugs is that he or she may resolve to uncontrolleddrinking as a way to deal with the stresses that result from jobdismissal. In addition, redundancy leads to controlled power ofspending. Whenever people have no jobs their spending power dropsdrastically because they think of how to save. Reduced spending has asignificant impact on the general economy. Important to note is thatcases of termination lead to insecurity among employees. In otherwords, when people lose their jobs, those that are still employedbecome uncertain of their fate and fear that they may also soon getfired (Norris, 2016). However, being out of work can have a positiveeffect on people’s health. Jobless people have ample time toexercise, hence lose weight and stay healthy.

Conclusively, it is importantfor one to be disciplined and honest in their area of work sincethese are the primary cause of job loss. Workplace changes daily andemployees have to prove their worth through their actions so thatthey can be retained even in severe cases. One should be truthful inwhat they write on the resume and through the job interview sessions.Nonetheless, when a company shuts down, it is inevitable that someemployees can be discharged. Losing a job is so easy than securingit, and a simple mistake like being anti-social can makes oneunemployed. Unfortunately, laying-off an employee has both negativeand positive effects on the individual and the society.


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