Causes and solution of high burglary rate


Therates of crimes vary from one metropolitan city to another.Variations in crime rates significantly reflect how a community viewscertain crimes and the significance of those crimes. The strategiesthat are used by the police contribute to the variation in cases ofburglary in different areas (Redd, 2011). The amount of attentiongiven to a particular crime by the enforcement agencies willsignificantly contribute to its crime rate going high or low. Thequestion of how burglary has increased in the city is determined byhow the community decides which crimes are to be consideredsignificant. This paper focuses on the potential cause and a lastingsolution to the high burglary rate.

Severalfactors can contribute to the rise in burglary crimes in the city.Despite the high numbers of the security personnel, there may be arelational distance between the people and the police officers.People do not feel free to open up and report those who commit crimesin their neighborhood. The high crime rate may be due to the varyingdegree of attention that is given to them by the law enforcers.People are discouraged about this attitude.

Theculture of poverty in the city cannot be overlooked by all means.Burglary crimes are related to income and race (Network, 2012). Thecities that have the large percentage of poor people have elevatedcrimes rates (Tyler, 2011). These are some of the major contributingfactors to the increase in the rate of burglary in the city.

Two-officer patrol units are more effective in neighborhoods that aredrug infested and full of violence. Managing various issues becomeseasier due to the contribution from each officer in decision-making.Two-officer units are more efficient due to their teamwork inaddressing security issues than one-officer units (Walker, 2011).


Communitypolicing can be effective for the city. This intervention promotesthe cooperation between the police and city residents in theprevention and reduction of burglary. It involves education andcreation of awareness among the people. Since community policingensures a good relationship between the law enforcers and theresidence, reporting and response to cases of burglary will improve(Webster, C., &amp Kingston, 2014).


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