Charles E. Schumer November 2016 Elections

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CharlesE. Schumer: November 2016 Elections

Votersin a democratic society are guided by ideologies held by differentcandidates when electing their leaders. For example, there areseveral issues (including immigration, crime, gun control, andunemployment) that will play a critical role in influencing thedecisions of the voters in U.S. elections that will be held onNovember 8, 2016. This paper will analyze the position of SenatorCharles E. Schumer, also known as “Chuck”, on the aforementionedissues. Chuck is a U.S. Senator for New York and will be seeking forre-election on a Democratic ticket (Schumer 1). In this paper, I willpresent an argument that Chuck’s views on issues of immigration,crime, and gun control provide reasonable and viable solutions, whichmake him the best candidate for November, 2016 elections.


Immigrationis among the controversial issues that will influence the decisionmaking process of the U.S. voters in November 8, 2016. Senator Chucksupports the idea that the U.S. needs to tighten security in itsborders in order to prevent further illegal immigration. However,individuals who have already immigrated into the U.S. without properdocumentation should be provided with an easy path to become legalcitizens, instead of being deported. While explaining Chuck long-termposition on this issue Keivom Stated that the senator’s positionis, “To tighten border controls while creating an eventual path tocitizenship for millions of hard working people living in theshadows” (1).

Inaddition, Chuck has already initiated a program that seeks to assistimmigrants on different issues. From his Website, Chuck states, “TheNew York Legal Assistance Group and its project partners will providevictims advocacy and comprehensive holistic legal services to Latinaand Asian immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault,stalking and/or dating violence through direct representation infamily law matters such as divorce, child custody and/or childsupport immigration administrative agency and housing matters”(1). It is evident that Chuck holds a liberal approach to the issueof immigration, which will help the U.S. prevent further immigrationand avoid the cost of deporting over 11 million people who enteredthe country illegally.


Chuckholds a unique opinion that immigrants are victims of different kindsof crime. For example, Chuck holds a view that Asian and Latinoimmigrants are more vulnerable to stalking, domestic violence, andsexual assault than the general population, which creates the needfor the establishment of programs that will protect them (Schumer 1).This is a genuine view because most of the immigrants come from poorand war-torn countries, which increase their vulnerability when theyreach the U.S. Most of them have no access to housing, jobs, andschools.


SenatorChuck advances a notion that the stakeholders (including legislators)should focus on the protection of civil rights, rather than the gunownership. This view separates the issues of access to guns andcitizens` ability to enjoy their civil rights. Based on thisperspective, the senator has been able to advance an argument that anincrease in the level of the background check does not deny citizenstheir ability to enjoy the civil rights (Publius 1). Instead, thebackground check ensures that guns are accessed by mentally stableand responsible citizens who will ensure that they are put intoproper uses, including the self defense. The position held by SenatorChuck is in line with the views supported by the democrats, who arguethat gun ownership should be subjected to some reasonableregulations. The objective of advocating for reasonable regulation isto reduce the number shootings that are associated with mentally illgun owners.


SenatorChuck, similar to other Democrats, supports a view that tax cuts arenot a solution to the issue of unemployment. The overall ideology ofthe Democrats holds that an increase in certain taxes provides fundsthat are needed for the government spending, which leads to thecreation of more jobs. However, Chuck seems to hold a different viewon certain issues, which help him to see some tax cuts as a source ofmotivation. For example, his decision to introduce a bill that willexempt awards won by American athletes from federal tax wasinconsistent with the views held by most democrats. The exemptionwill reduce the public funds available to help the government reduceunemployment (Caron 1). In addition, the Chuck’s support forimmigrants who have already entered the U.S. suggests that he doesagree with the idea that they have contributed towards theunemployment of the documented citizens.


Thecontroversial issues of immigration, crime, gun control, andunemployment will influence the U.S. voters in November 2016elections. The comments made and the views supported by Senator Chuckon issues that are troubling Americans at the moment will help him towin the forthcoming election. For example, it will be morecost-effective to document illegal immigrants than to deport them asRepublicans have been arguing. Although Chuck’s idea of exemptingathletics cash awards is inconsistent with the overall ideology ofcreating employment through an increase in tax revenue, most of hisideas are realistic and viable. This makes Chuck Schumer the bestcandidate for the U.S. Senate in November 8, 2016 elections.


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