Chi-square “Goodness of Fit Test” IOS vs. Android

Chi-square“Goodness of Fit Test” IOS vs. Android

Chi-square“Goodness of Fit Test” IOS vs. Android

ChiSquare analysis is mostly used to test if the result obtained fromthe study deviates from the expected values(Gareth, 2013).Like for our case, for one to ascertain if the company has to choosewhether first to build the app on the IOS or Android platform, aChi-Square test is necessary. We need to check whether there is auniform distribution in the customers’ preference between the twoproducts: IOS and the Android platform.

It,therefore, implies that our null hypothesis will be there is auniform distribution of the customers’ preferences when it comes tothe use of the two platforms. The alternative hypothesis will bethere is no uniform distribution of the customers’ preferences. Anarbitrary example may be that the company carried out some survey tosome individuals from a particular region on their preferences forthe two platforms. It turns out that in a sample of n = 100, only 68people preferred the IOS platform while the 32 were for the Androidplatform.

Inthis case, for the company to decide on whether to build first theIOS or the Android app, a proper Chi-square test should be done toascertain at a given significance level, can the researcher rejectthe claim that the two platforms have a more or less uniformpreference from the customers.

Atthe last part of the test, if the computed Chi-square value isgreater than the critical test statistic at the given level ofsignificance, then we reject the claim, and we use the observedfrequencies from the sample. It will, therefore, mean that thecompany has to choose first to build the app for the IOS since morecustomers prefer it to the Android platform.


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