Childhood memory



Everyonehas different events that are very influential and memorable duringchildhood. Sometimes, the mere memory of such happenings usuallymakes one happy and smile while others can be very hurtful.Regardless of the person and their religious, political or ethnicbackground, memories are always a large part of everyone`s life.Without the memories, life would be meaningless. In my case, when Iwas a child, I was always curious about trying new things. Forexample, before I started going to school, I often wondered whereother kids were going during the day and why I was the only one leftat home. The most memorable event during my childhood was my firstday at school because it impacted how I have always viewed learningup to date.


Inmy first day at school, everything was new. I had a new bag, shoes,socks, water bottle and books. I was very happy and excited about thenew experience and was very hopeful that everything would be as I hadenvisioned some months ago when my parents had relayed the news. Iwas excited about the new things that my parents had bought me. Theonly sad thing was that one of my best friends was not going to joinme in my new school and I had to make new ones. I had watched severalmovies about first days at school, and I was prepared for a veryboring day. In some of the movies, they talked about bullying and howelder students would often make the little one engage in activitiesthat they did not like. These instilled fear in me and I rememberasking my mother not to leave me alone at school until I had becomeof age.

Onthe very day, my parents accompanied me up to the headteachers’s`office after which we were directed to a small hall nearby. Uponarrival, I saw other children with their parents. Every parent seemedhappy and enthusiastic, and they could not stop smiling at eachother. Soon the head teacher arrived and with her were ten teachersand another middle-aged man who introduced himself as the physicalinstructor. The headmaster addressed the parents and encouraged us tobe courageous because we were in the right place. After about fifteenminutes, the parents were asked to leave and return in the evening.The memory of my mother living me at the hands of &quottwelvestrangers&quot is still very fresh in my mind. I remember the chilland fear that ran down my body. I wondered how I would make it forone complete day leave alone the whole term as was expected.

Theschool environment was spotless, and everything seemed to bestrategically position in the right place. There were all sorts ofsigns and symbols. Some were pointing to the washroom areas whileothers indicated which places were safe. The grass was elegant, and Iwas instructed that I should not step on them. Instead, I wassupposed to use the pavement. When we arrived in what was to be ournew class, I was shocked that other children had already startedlearning. I was at the front, and immediately I knocked the door,everybody turned and started staring at me. For some moment, Ithought I was in the wrong room, and it was a mistake.

Theteacher welcomed us and asked us to introduce ourselves. After I hadintroduced myself and sat at my designated place, I had a small voicefrom my back saying, &quotexcuse me.&quot I immediately turned andto my surprise, it was a young girl. I did not know what to saybecause I was not used to talking to people I did not know. She wenton to ask me if I could be her friend. Without hesitation, I said,&quotyes.&quot I was very excited and could not wait to tell mymother that I had made a friend on the first day at school. We havesince been friends with Jane since then.

Asthe bell for interval rang, it was evident that I was having a goodday. During my first break at school, I sat together with otherchildren and we laughed. We talked about television programs that wehad watched and about our new teacher. The last bell went at threethirty in the afternoon. Although I had written nothing on my firstday, it was a novel experience. I immediately took my bag and hurriedto the gate where I found my mother waiting for me. I could not waitto tell her about the good experience. I went how imagining how thenext and the rest of the week would turn out.


Myfirst experience at school shaped my understanding and perception oflearning. Since it was very joyful and fun, I have always associatedschool with a lot of fun. While others tend to see schools reformedversions of prisons, I believed from the start that the institutionis there to enlighten people. It is where people get to socialize andmake new friends who will be there for them in good and hard times. Iconfirmed for myself that things such as bullying and harsh teachersare only fabricated stories aimed at scaring children from going toschool. The benefit that people get from school is marvelous. Mostimportantly, people go to school to build their future and developimportant interpersonal and communication skills that are very usefulin life. I believe that with the right guidance from the start,everyone can grow up enjoying every schooling moments thus leading tobright future.