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Iwrite this letter to my dear children. I hope it finds you safely tenyears from now. If you are reading this letter, then it means thatthe worst happened and that I am no longer with you. Writing this isdifficult knowing that it confirms that my time has come and I cannotwatch you grow into great adults in our nation. However, I would liketo let you know that everything that I did was in your best interest.

Atthis moment, it is hard to tell whether my decision was right orwrong. The sure thing is that I do not regret letting John Connorinto our house. On the one hand, I do feel that this resistance isthe only hope for our future and the future of you, my children. Thesystem as it is corrupt. I do not want you to grow up in an era wherethere is fear of expression and injustice all over.

Inthat moment when I saw John Connor standing outside our house, I felthopeful that things would change for the better. I was excited at theidea of contributing in some way, no matter how small, to the agendaof the resistance. All the while, I kept quiet and never spoke upabout my political opinions. I wanted you to grow up without havingany bias toward any political party. I hoped that through my silence,I was protecting my family from the outside world, which was filledwith chaos. However, in the end, I could not help myself from pickinga side. My only regret is the position that I am going to leave youin.

Iknow that people might treat you differently and you might beconsidered the children of a traitor. Do not hate yourselvesinstead, be proud that your father was brave enough to support aresistance that was very much needed. I hope you one day forgive mefor leaving you in a cruel world without father to protect you. Onthe other hand, I hope you get to understand that I was only thinkingof your future. Nothing has ever been more valuable to me than you,my children, and your mother. The hardest thing is leaving youknowing that only troubles await you. I hope you are obedient to yourmother and you respect her for her convictions. I also hope that myactions give you the courage to stand up for yourselves in future andhave the courage to support what you believe in.

Ialso understand your mother’s point and the reason she was so angryon that night. She kept asking me why I had put us all at risk. Ihope that you were asleep even though our argument was loud. Yourmother was only looking out for the rest of us. Her motherlyinstincts were playing a role that I could not comprehend at thetime.

Inconclusion, I hope you get to see the importance of the resistance.This is because they have a vision for the nation. It is alsoimportant to me, as I do not want to have lost my family in vain.True patriotism and fighting for the good of the nation sometimesrequire sacrifices. This is the price we have to pay for the greatergood. I wish you all the best and I hope that life changed for thebetter.