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Since history, women have faced many challenges and feminism therapyis one of the frameworks that were developed to help tackle themental problems that the women may endure. Moreover, reality therapy,coined by William Glasser, deliberates on the responsibility, rightor wrong and realism to help in counselingor guidance. Considering a case of Lois, the two therapies shall bedeliberated regarding theirstrengths and weaknesses.


Reality therapy improves a person’s life by restoring the fivebasic needs stressed by Glasser as love, belonging, survival,independence, and power. Lois lacksindependence, love and belonging (Joel Friedman, 2012 p.184). Herreliance on the family in decision making shall be discouraged by areality therapist and strategies will be laid down to improve herindependence. Again, reality therapy insists that you have to startby loving yourself, as Lois has to appreciate herself before othersdo. Therefore, the approach would improve her life.

Feminist theory uplifts the weaknesses of a woman into strengths(&quotFeminist Therapy,&quot 2016). Inher case, a feminist theorist would look at her being a homemaker andrecommend that she looks for a job. Moreover, part of the therapywould be to uplift her self-esteem by reiterating that she deservesrespect and independence in life. This willenhance her daily living.


First, reality therapy only deals with the present problems(Joel Friedman, 2012 p.184). In Lois’ case, the therapist will notmind about the effects of her first marriage, her father’s death,and the drug abuse because they are not the problem now. Again, herspinal curvature may not be scrutinizedbecause she has not complained about it. Therefore, this therapymasks the past, and we know that the pastaffects the present.

Feminist therapy considers women as a weak genderit is because it tries to uplift the woman’scurrent troubles which a man could also experience (&quotFeministTherapy,&quot 2016). In this case, thetheory identifies Lois as a poor decision maker and emotionallyunstable. Therefore, one could easily forget about her positive side.

In conclusion, Lois is a typical case that canhelp in the understanding of the strengths of feminist and realitytherapies as restoring basic needs and uplifting weaknesses. However,the theories have flaws which include onlydealing with current problems and considering women as a weakergender as compared to men.


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